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After a lot of hesitation and mental speculations the pragmatic part of me has taken over. I gave up and added the “Donate” section. I’ve started thinking of donations since Aurora’s question “Why do I need it [the site]?”. My thoughts returned when my site was taken off the air because of the enormous traffic.

Despite lots of new ideas and huge amount of old materials the motivation is sinking. I can’t keep up with coding, upgrading, processing, publishing, composing, promoting, maintaining, paying, answering, studying, following discussions and working full-time to pay for all the mentioned hassle.

Being perfectionist? Getting old? Pissed off? Trying to bite what I can’t swallow? Dunno… Probably, like Aurora, I need support and encouragement to keep posting and updating frequently enough…

Off to get some sleep…

5 thoughts on “Donations are welcome”

  1. Remember that only approx. 0.5% of the visitors leave a comment…

    However this doesn’t mean the other 99.5% don’t like what you’re doing


  2. Yeah, I check the statistics periodically. Some people do like it. But I’d like re-emphasize the original rethorical question: “Why do *I* need it?”

    In my comment (see Aurora’s diary) I mentioned only one reason I could find. This is my contribution in exchange of all free Internet stuff I have used or will use. That looks good and sufficient enough, but still cannot justify the efforts and time spent on the project.

    And I know examples when such dedications left people with literally nothing. No job, no money, no wife, no life. One well-known example is Ataraxia at His efforts are greatly appreciated, but he was going to sell off the domain and everything what was associated with it.

    I think it’s the time to get myself dug in the proper guides and manuals and book a couple of certification exams. No that it will be positively reflected in the site statistics, but at least my managers or future employers will be happy…

  3. Ra,

    I really understand the fatique that you’ve expressed. I think that we all feel that way about our passions once and a while.

    Your site is unique because of your interests and sense of aesthetics. I suspect that the usage statistics don’t reflect the impact that you have on our community.

    Would it help if we contributed more ideas and techniques? I, for one, would be happy to document some of the devices and ideas that I’ve used.

    My techniques are sometimes slightly harsher than your’s, so I would certainly understand if you decided not to publish them.

    I suspect that there are a number of folks who would contribute, if you feel that you want to deal with the additional input. Just let us know.

  4. Thanks for the good words!

    My site and I are quite open for any experiences as long they do not involve violence or damage to anybody. Personally, I might not like each and every contribution, but I do understand that there are people around who would consider them interesting and/or useful.

    So, please share and publish!

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