Is (s)he wearing pantyhose?

pm_ht-s108Even if you’re not into pantyhose, tight, stockings, nylon, lycra or whatever is related to the thin clingy filmy material people usually put on their legs, I’m pretty sure you ask yourself from time to time “Is she (he) wearing pantyhose? Or it’s just bare skin?” Or “Her (his?) skin is so smooth and evenly tanned, probably (s)he is wearing pantyhose?” Etc.

I call this sport (yeah, sport, why not?) “pantyhose guessing”. Sometimes it takes lots of patience and “technical skills” to caught the familiar shine or texture of an almost invisible layer of tightly stretched nylon.

spec02bBut unlike the real life where you can always ask the person if (s)he is indeed wearing nylons (if you dare ;-), photos rarely respond. Is the girl on the first picture wearing pantyhose? What do you think? And on the second? Read further …

pd2m_ht-s108No pantyhose on the 1st picture. This is a close-up photo.

spec02Though the colour of the legs on the 2nd picture is different than the colour of the arms, it still can be a reflex. Look at the next photo. Same girl, same room, almost the same outfit, but now the colour is the same and it definitely looks like bare skin.

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