Quick selfbondage at the in-laws

Quick selfbondage set - pantyhose, plastic bags, sticky tapeThis is also related to MadJack’s post about keeping self-bondage sessions in secret.

Last summer we spent a couple of weeks at my in-laws. To make long story short: it was a very busy time, my immune system gave up, I caught a cold with a high temperature and was left at home while my family went out to see our relatives. So I had several hours, but I had no idea when and who opens the door.

Wolford swimsuitNeither did I bring any bondage stuff with me, nor could I afford a full self-bondage session (for several reasons). However, I had some pantyhose, my wife’s Wolford swimsuit and my Speedo swim trunks. That’s it. Not much, eh? OK, let’s think…

To make a proper pantyhose hood with gag I did not have any condoms, but I found small thin plastic bags which could replace the condom.

I could not find any rope (I know it sounds ridiculous), but I dug out a roll of sticky tape.

pantyhose hood with a built-in gagThis is what I came up with:

  • put on pantyhose (two layers) on my legs and arms (obvious)
  • put on the swimsuit (also obvious)
  • made a pantyhose hood with gag using a thin plastic bag instead of a condom
  • tied my legs with sticky tape

Then I tried three variants:

  1. tied my hands with the Speedo swim trunks (think of twisted elastic coils) using the swimsuit tie method
  2. pantyhose single-glove
  3. tried to bind my hands together with the sticky tape (I secured the roll to a door handle)

Of course, the bondage was not serious, but I had some fun 😉 Actually, this is what self-bondage is about!

One thought on “Quick selfbondage at the in-laws”

  1. Love it! – Spontaneous sessions can be some of the best (also some of the scariest, if anything goes wrong!).

    I will shamefully(?!) admit to having ‘borrowed’ my girlfriend’s pantyhose to enjoy a similar impromptu bit of self-bondage some years ago. Great fun, but I spent the next few days worried that she might notice that her pantyhose had be worn by someone a little bit larger then herself!


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