Statistics is an interesting thing. It shows some raw figures, but the interpretation depends on the interpreter and the goals ;-)

So, some raw facts about the blog (only the blog, no forum or other static content from the site!):

  • The first Blog post was made on July 28, 2006
  • Blog post views are counted since August 2007
  • The busiest month was July 2011 (450,567 views)
  • The busiest day was Jan 02, 2012 (21,727 views)
  • The total counted post views is 10,025,678

What can I say… Thanks all for visiting! Recently I did not have much time to update the site and mostly was struggling with technical issues, but now let’s see if we can reach 1,000,000 monthly page views (globally). Current record is 921,233 page views (May 2011).