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Cosplay - Fetish or Fun?
I'm sure I've posted Akiho Licia's pics before although I can't find them. He's a Japanese crossplayer who's costumes almost all involve leotards and tights. Here's his website

Apart from that page he posts on another cosplay site ('Cure') that's particularly difficult to access if you don't understand Japanese. I seem to have found a way in so here are some updates of him as Morrigan and Lilith...

1d9c83c5f2d0552819a8107b386df830a39e1ffd-700.jpg thumbnail    40df6869db2e6f2e1ec92c93f398fe3054942592-700.jpg thumbnail    91bd27cb61b155be7a5c6c66e69dfe53e068921c-700.jpg thumbnail    98c851873020cbd3872a9f6e773a6384590b2152-700.jpg thumbnail    db45eca8f43be6422a544b1e0967a6cdfcf29d10-700.jpg thumbnail   

7a23582d4ec480ab03f1b5916e6ba4b0c9d7854b-700.jpg thumbnail    f9a8c8ab69c06bc3ae4da82b8d807abdebb16507-700.jpg thumbnail    cf33a25317f4a17285b49d32948258eb92bb1ae1-700.jpg thumbnail    cf5d9619d067d198fc1e578293278d993a50eb57-700.jpg thumbnail    b3c156be7f08ca51b24fa6c0ee6080f8b49e3f33-700.jpg thumbnail    9529f27cfeef1ba14f85e146e31746ac000a9877-700.jpg thumbnail    095c86b14c7172d7fafd10210670152ffc9caf37-700.jpg thumbnail    52fb9726a861e4e2fb971fb4a48f076d00e264aa-700.jpg thumbnail    20b92fdbda672e7fdfad4759da59b8b9e51aa58c-700.jpg thumbnail    9f85efa5c6837152400bd68379f2fd898fad19bd-700.jpg thumbnail   

This pic is amusing, I think he's being a little more open about his feelings for his companion and/or his/her costume than he intends to be...Blush

rainier_050321_02.jpg thumbnail   

A brief video of him as Cammy:

'Bunny' Akiho:

03a59e29c71195de1fec40a3edb9f479e37e2ece-700.jpg thumbnail    72acea744e6141f5b2c0ed89705b54908e206936-700.jpg thumbnail    1106b153872b504e2c69ff9e26f6c3906185d930-700.jpg thumbnail    32733b1fc5a6c8d3dced5479b927d8b8ad688184-700.jpg thumbnail    787376517682afb5c2bc0c4a9be4bbf227f1e6f8-700.jpg thumbnail    a657d60b9ded809a0ad2a9faed9f0fb980e2e047-700.jpg thumbnail    ac97b17ddc854675598887c1e2e3c61678c6a3ad-700.jpg thumbnail    d263b37c308a38f335a788c26ba08e773548aa20-700.jpg thumbnail    f52c25453b5a34eb6065e665db73e5cabeefbc9a-700.jpg thumbnail    fdedf15ae30ba816874bfc8a00399fc6d39eb0fc-700.jpg thumbnail   

yuka01845.jpg thumbnail    yuka01850.jpg thumbnail    yuka01860.jpg thumbnail    yuka01861.jpg thumbnail    yuka01862.jpg thumbnail    yuka01863.jpg thumbnail    yuka01864.jpg thumbnail    yuka01865.jpg thumbnail    yuka01866.jpg thumbnail    yuka01867.jpg thumbnail    yuka01868.jpg thumbnail    yuka01868.jpg thumbnail    yuka01869.jpg thumbnail    yuka01870.jpg thumbnail    yuka01871.jpg thumbnail    yuka01872.jpg thumbnail    yuka01873.jpg thumbnail    yuka01874.jpg thumbnail    yuka01875.jpg thumbnail   
A Lara Croft crossplayer who I think is wearing hose...

2770223959_1e68e8eb25_b.jpg thumbnail    2770225017_93dd22a94c_b.jpg thumbnail    2771070608_5425190c20_b.jpg thumbnail    2771071528_232494b8c5_b.jpg thumbnail   

A couple of new pics of Akiho Licia crossplaying Morrigan Aensland:

667319822f9d323c625ffbc3c892f79d2ae50bb6-700.jpg thumbnail    390cf4860897f09aaa20a1a5bfcd0e760b540d66-700.jpg thumbnail   
Ranma 1/2 (Catwoman, Poison Ivy, Zatanna, Velma etc etc) has been out crossplaying again, this time as 'Lady Vader':

4.jpg thumbnail    3.jpg thumbnail    2.jpg thumbnail    1.jpg thumbnail   

Steve's wig and make-up remind me of this pic of someone I found at a more 'adult' site, I wonder if they are by some chance related Huh

318309773.jpg thumbnail   

Lady Vader...that's awesome.
...and he got to assault the RL police too...which is even more awesome...

5.jpg thumbnail    6.jpg thumbnail   

Here's Steve as 'Memorabilia Girl'...

1.jpg thumbnail    2.jpg thumbnail    3.jpg thumbnail    4.jpg thumbnail

This is 'Lander' crossplaying another Sith. I know hardly anything about the 'Star Wars' universe so I have no idea of her name:

Sith1.jpg thumbnail    Sith2.jpg thumbnail   
A GLaDOS cosplayer.

1.jpg thumbnail    2.jpg thumbnail    3.jpg thumbnail   
A few forum threads on other topics have touched on this area, with the excellent Culmor taking a lead in showing us how it can be done.

I'd like to start a dedicated thread just for Cosplay images that include one, some or all of the fetish elements this forum loves so much and ask a simple question; Is Cosplay a form of Fetish or is it just Fun?

Here are a few of my favourites to get you started:

Konoe__sword_fight_by_chocolate_array.jpg thumbnail    tumblr_myx7twRnLD1t07feio1_500.jpg thumbnail    mini_Police_Uniform_by_chocolate_array.jpg thumbnail   


(24 Jan 2014, 16:14 )madjack Wrote: I'd like to start a dedicated thread just for Cosplay
Thanks much!

I would move all the related posts to this thread, BTW. Will probably have to tweak the date of the first post (e.g. set it to 2008 or something) to keep it at the top.

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