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Youth isn't what they used to be. When I was young, I toyed around with toys and games and sometimes girls (but they were 'ikky' till I got about 18 or so). Today I busted one of my pupils with handcuffs in classroom Hi
Though they are more toys, they are metal and sturdy :-)
Kids, I love em.... Lol
My son got the following presents (along with some other) from his friends for his 18th birthday: handcuffs (immediately broken), a ball gag, Playboy with some photo modifications... So, yes ... Wink
In my youth, I lived on a very large ranch.
So it explosives and guns.

But was back in the late 60s.
C4... he-he-he....
As well
In my childhood I was playing with various radio-stuff, my mom's pantyhose, swimsuits, and ideas how to bind myself. Guns were only on the TV.
Hm, that Sounds very familiar Smile
Forts in the barn.
Tree houses.
G.I. Joe
More forts under brush piles.
Shooting Roman Candles at each other.
Watching horses getting it on... Damm, that thing is long.

Now I'm old and stuck in Suberbs.
And no mobile phones, no computers, no Internet...
Yep. We play Monopoly a lot,  lot of bike rides,

My first computer was Spectrum, I think  I was 15 Smile
Back to 80'...ahhhh.