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straight jacket bodysuit
I got this from Amazon:

It is made from a nice fabric, shiny outside and soft inside. The outside sticks a bit to itself, which holds the arms in place even more.
The size is okay, hips could be a tad smaller, shoulders/chest a bit wider. The arm width is definitely not for bodybuilders, but the length is fine.
Obviously, this suit was designed for women rather than for men. But it does fit me. Even the overall length is good. 1-2 cm (1/2") longer would be even better though.

The buckle doesn't allow for tightening the strap by simply pulling the open end, so the belt can only be set to the minimum length that still allows me to step through the strap while my arms are crossed, then pull it up over my bottom. This is fairly tight, but of course I can escape easily. Once I got the zipper fixed, I want to replace the buckle with a more suitable model. And of course, there needs to be a way out too...

The zipper seemed to be okay, but eventually it broke open, when I tried to close it. This is annoying, but can be fixed. The teeth are fine, I have to squeeze the slider together a bit, or even replace it. I repaired it once, but it failed again right away, so the slider is definitely too wide now.

Thinking about it, I wonder, if I could get out of the straitjacket, when the zipper is open. It should be a matter of pulling the arms out of the sleeves.

After all, nice experience despite the zipper.

Quick correction: One of the dents is missing, that's a major problem. I consider buying a new suit.
Wow, I ordered a new one and it arrived today! My concept didn't work, it is too fiddly to feed the strap through the hole and keep it in the correct orientation.
But it doesn't matter, I got a very simple new idea:

The suit comes with the strap attached to the arms, buckle, as said, not operable from the inside, even with a door handle. But there is a second strap with the type of buckle, I described in the first post: Strap feeds from one side and goes out on the same side, on top of the "inside-strap". Straps are the same type, so I can connect the second strap to the buckle on the sleeve-strap and feed it through that one completely. This gives me a second, but operable, buckle right next to the first one, and I can feed the strap from the other arm into that.
This is the type of buckle, that works:

The odd thing is, that, no matter, how tight (within the comfort zone) I pull the strap, I can still get out! Well, that is the original idea of the second strap; when tied around the arms tightly, getting out is much more difficult...

Of course, the zipper on the new body is the same, but I will be careful. It doesn't need to lock me in, so there is strain only, when I open or close it. I think, I had a stuffed bra on, when I broke the first one.

There is of course the other way to wear the body, with arms tied to the back. But before I try that, I need to get more confident at opening the buckle, because the alternative is probably a damaged toy!

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