Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
Like Ra's Naughty Playground

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crossdress cosplay female
Crossdresser Transgender Panties Male To Female Cosplay Fake Vagina Lace Underwear Hiding Gaff Gay Shemale Camel Toe Briefs

sissy femboy
Male Chastity Device with Anal Plug Urethral Tube Chastity Belt Band for Man sissy Penis Cage sex toys for femboy lock rings

anime bondage
Anime TATSUMAKI Cosplay Costumes Sexy Exotic Bondage Bunny Girl Uniform Hollow Out Leather Strap Bodysuit Lingerie

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Ice self-bondage lock. From 1 hour to 4 hours
Ice self-bondage lock. From 1 hour to 4 hours
from €44.60

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special down clothing

very interesting designs, very high prices...

worth a look anyway 😁
I’m down with that .
Ehhhh ...  Oooooohhh!!!!  !!!

 Cryofix_Suit_orange_shiny_side_g.jpg     Cryofix_Suit_orange_shiny_Mitts_g.jpg     Cryofix_Suit_orange_shiny_front_g.jpg   
Yes, nice soft puffy and secured.
Me like.
Been following them for a while, they have a youtube channel as well. Filter by "cryofix" for the restraint stuff...
I can't decide if that looks like fun or like something that would give me a heat stroke.
How come these videos are still on YT?

Downloading them all 😁


Hmm... apparently I can't download all files...
There are a number of companies that can cater for this fetish...
Parkasite is pretty much regarded as elite level.
There are others to be found though...
Nylon Magic - on facebook and VK, they can make what ever  you want to order.(have used them recently), never tried but they have a good reputation too.

On a sad note my new NylonMagic sleeping bag is headed for the bin... had a fire in the garage a few days ago... and it was still in there, while not burn, I'm sure it will stink if smoke never possible to clean it 😟 
Lost a few other "extras" too..... not much though
(10 Dec 2019, 07:42 )essanym Wrote: I can't decide if that looks like fun or like something that would give me a heat stroke.
In all seriousness, I'd be interested in hearing how warm this stuff gets and how long people spend inside of it.

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