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slave chain / collar
I'm looking for a slave necklace/ chainmail / collar that I can wear 24/7, with a lock, but not a despicable price
anyone any advice?
(11 May 2022, 06:43 )slaafruben Wrote: I'm looking for a slave necklace/ chainmail / collar that I can wear 24/7, with a lock, but not a despicable price
anyone any advice?

There used to be a UK firm that did the stainless wire collars... used to follow them on Tumblr (when it was good) 
but ive just had a quick search but unfortunately I cant find them... as cant fully remember the same sorry 😟
Use to be ased in the SW of UK somewhere - name was something like "Orbos"?? maybe  

Im guessing thats what you are lookling for
The cheapest and easiest way is to take a chain and a padlock.
Then there is that which offers several possibilities as a collar but also as a bondage.
Have a look and choose:

Or here (sorted by price and with free shipping):

I like this one (25 euros, free shipping):

Assuming you plan on going out and that the strictness isn't a priority. I would just use a nice looking chain with rings at the end with a simple buckle. If worn normally you just latch the buckle or lock the rings if you feel the need. I reccomend an omega (name, pattern idk) chain which looks relatively smooth and classy while being hollow on the inside, perfect for an internal steel wire that would be the functional part of the chain.

Also I don't mean gold ones, you can get a nice silver color one for like 30 bucks. Actually looks nice too.
I can't really speak to how cheap it would be, but there is a collar that I have been wearing for months now that is absolutely adorable.

There are many color options available, and this thing has been immortal for 3+ months with sleeping in and showering in.

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