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shiny clothing
(01 Jul 2013, 11:46 )Like Ra Wrote: Speaking of light: what about these LED lamps:

eBay: LED grow lamp

The lights or the other item?

eBay: LED Grow lamp rope ratchet


(01 Jul 2013, 11:46 )Like Ra Wrote: Speaking of light: what about these LED lamps:

eBay: LED grow lamp

I have used a led lamp that is meant for use in the garden, they shine very bright but the light is not evenly spread and the beam itself is very narrow. The light is also very cold and the electronics in it make an annoying high pitched sound.

How about this: standard with these lamps in it : lamps

I have similar ones, except I have two tripods. I dit not look up the shipping and handling but for less than 50€ it will have a big impact on picture quality of every cam, cheap or expensive.

You have seen my video's, I really use the cheapest camera I could find. Even a cheap webcam will give good results with some spots in the room.

One note: If you are wearing shiny clothing, don't point the lights directly at you, it will reflect to much light and there will be shadows everywhere. Aim them at the side and at the ceiling for best results.

Just go to Brico, Gamma, Hubo,... look for construction lights or garden lights. I prefer halogen because of the nice warm light and good diffuse spread of the beam. Energy saving bulbs are fine too, the light is colder but the case does not get warm so you can trust them sitting on the floor, halogen gets very hot. I do not recommend led.
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