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These metal handcuffs cannot be opened without a key
These metal handcuffs cannot be opened without a key

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selfbondage with venus 2000
As said, here is my favorite setup for self bondage.

During the session I am using a VENUS2000 masturbation machine, forcing anyone mercilessly to orgasm. Electrosex devices, a ET 312, ET232 and electronic timers are used as well and a small but very powerful vibrator is tightly connected to the masturbation tube.
A session needs about 2,5 hours, and I come close to my dream, unfortunately only close to it. I am aching for a female partner which would like to play an active part in any scenario like that.
First the venus receiver is prepared for its relentless work on my cock. To keep the receiver in a straight up and down movement (it normally tends to sway), it is fixated from above, both sides and front (to the knee spreader) by pantyhoses. Since they are elastic, the tube can move easily, but is still restricted to up and down movements on the cock.
Then the timers are programmed. The first is responsible for keeping the keys to the locks of my leather handcuffs out of reach. 2 different keys for 2 locks, to make the opening part a bit more interesting. The timer powers a relay which in turn powers a little electromagnet thus keeping the keys over my head and over the bed out of reach. They are fastened to a string. Once released, they fall down to my hands. I have experimented a lot with all sorts of release mechanisms (candle, ice...), the relay is by far the most reliable (opens at power outage) and has the ultimate advantage to open at an exact time. The second digital timer has got 20 On- and Off times, set between 1 and 3 minutes. In my heated state of mind, the uninterrupted stimulation of one to two minutes by the Venus, combined with e-stim gets me nearly inevitably to orgasm. To prevent early cumming and providing the illusion of a mistress edging me, there is one more programmable timer, connected between the second timer and the masturbation device. It is programmable with individual On and Off times. I am using 6 sec on and 8 sec off, repeated during every on cycle of the second timer, which leads to constant arousal but no orgasm within the 2 minutes On time. The fourth digital timer sets the e-stim machines to 8 minutes On and 2 minutes Off times. The fifth timer starts and stops the vibrator 5 times until 2 minutes prior to the release of the keys, each time only for one minute only. 2 minutes before the keys are released, the vibrator is turned permanently on. The stimulation is set to start after 30 minutes, which gives me ample time to finish the prearrangements.
That done, I place 2 electrodes for each channel of the ET 232 next to my nipples; one electrode of each channel of the ET312 is being connected to the conductive rubber tubing of the venus receiver, the other goes to a self adhesive electrode on my scrotum respective a anally inserted silver bullet. Both channels of the 312 are optimally used, focussing on the penis sheath. Both channels are tuned up as far as possible without causing pain. Even though later on the stimulation is increasing, the also increasing pleasure keeps it bearable. In the wall overhead far out of reach a ring hook is placed, which holds the hook of a rope ratchet. One end of the rope is connected to two short pieces of chain, later on getting connected to the solid brass padlocks securing my leather handcuffs, the other end is the pulling end to secure my hands as tight as possible against the wall over my head. Due to the ratchet, any tightness reached will be held until release. That way it is possible to gain nearly absolute immobility without the help of a second person.
Having finished the preparation by putting the keys on the electromagnet I lay down on the bed and secure the leather ankle cuffs, surely connected to a nylon strap around the bed, with two padlocks. My feet are then additionally tightly bound against the metal bed posts. I would never have a chance to get out of the ankle cuffs anyway, but this just increases the feeling of inescapable bondage. Next is a knee spreader, also connected to a tight nylon strap around the bed. The leather knee cuffs are first closed, then pulled together by straps and at last pulled apart and to the sides of the metal bed by other straps. This leaves the feet up to the thighs absolutely immobile. 2 leather thigh cuffs, connected to a nylon strap round the bed, are secured by snap hooks. Connected to each of the snap hooks is a nylon rope of 2 meters length. The free end is pulled around the metal bed frame, led back to the hook and secured as tightly as possible. By now my legs and hips are immovably fixed! Now it is time to prepare the masturbation machine for its use. The penis is rubbed with erection creme to really get hard, then a good amount of ID glide cream is applied to it and also to the waiting receiver. It doesn't only provide superb and lasting lubricity but also good electric conductivity. The by now throbbing and aeady slightly dripping cock is inserted into the waiting sleeve. The intensity of electric stimulation provided by my ET 312 connected to my laptop running the smartstim software is adjusted to just bearable - perfect! I am getting incredibly horny.
Now a 2 inches wide leather belt is pulled tightly and buckled up around my upper body securing the electrodes on the nipples. The still free ends of the nylon cords connected to the snap hooks on the thigh cuffs are pulled through the buckle, back down and tightly secured to the snap hook again. Now two leather straps, each connected to the upper bed posts are pulled through the breast strap buckle and back up and buckled up securely. This keeps my body tightly pressed against the mattress and secures the aeady tight bondage even further. Last look around, so far everything looks aight.
I love sensory deprivation, so earplugs are used to blank out sound, then a leather hood follows. It is equipped with blindfold and padded earpieces, effectively shutting off any sight and sound (in connection with the earplugs). It gets laced tight in the back, then closed with 3 buckled straps over the eyes, ears and around the chin, keeping me effectively from uttering loud sounds, but still letting me breathe through mouth and nose. The hood is tightly strapped to the bed frame on top and the sides by thin adjustable leather buckled straps, keeping my head totally immovable. The rest of the bondage is done in near silence
and total darkness.
Two leather cuffs for my upper arms are aeady connected to both sides of the bed frame by leather straps, aeady adjusted to allow my hands to just barely reach over my head. I slip through both of them, restricting arm movement, so that I can't reach to the other side anymore. I am just putting on my leather hand cuffs when I get surprised by the first movement of the masturbation sleeve and electric shocks to cock and nipples. The venus runs for 6 seconds then pauses 8 seconds, starts over again - perfect timing. The speed of the masturbation machine is controlled by a little processor, programmed with a near random schedule. It powers a relay normally used in model airplanes which in my case is moving the speed switch of the venus2000 between about one stroke per second to about 100 strokes per second - not nearly what the machine is capable of - but very arousing for me. I am aeady nearly immovably bound, my cock is rock hard and nipples, testicles and cock are worked over relentlessly by electric stimulation current.
Now comes the big moment, that always makes my heart throb and leaves me in absolute and total helplessness: I lock my leather handcuffs with the two different padlocks to the chains connected to the rope ratchet. Before I close the second lock a short thought races through my mind - what if a timer is set wrong, if the keys don't drop etc. - then a little click, the lock is closed. I am unescapably exposed to the self inflicted pleasure and stimulation - powered by that thought my dick is hardening even further. I am pulling the free end of the ratchetrope as hard as I can and my hands are getting pulled up as far as possible. As I can't pull any harder I am testing my mobility. Except for my fingers I can move my body including my arms only millimeters. Too bad I can't use bondage mittens on them, but then there would be absolutely no chance to get free by myself.
The machines are working me thoroughly over, after a while I am loosing track of how often the cycles have repeated and thus when my keys should be falling. I am getting close to orgasm, but the intervals are set absolutely perfect, I am just not getting there. All of a sudden the vibrator switches on and stays on, I am cuuuummmmming!!!! Oh god, when are the damned keys falling down, I can't stand it anymore. Did I make a mistake and am stuck being stimulated on and on... there the keys are falling, thanks god. Frantically I try to release my hands, but they are slippery from sweat and I can't get the right key into the right padlock. All the time my body gets stimulated (now after orgasm I'd like to call it tortured) by e-stim, vibrator and masturbation machine. There is no way to get at least my cock out of the tube. Finally I am finding the keyhole, release my hands and switch the former heavenly and by now devilish machines off. I need a few minutes of rest before I can release myself completely.
My very likely never fulfilled dream is, to get strapped down absolutely!!! immobile by my mistress and get used at her will by her or the masturbation devices over hours with or without relieve - maybe being kept in a chastity device for the rest of the time -... Well just a dream

😯ops: By the way, of course there is a safety way out: I securely taped another two fitting keys with a lot of layers of tape to the free end of the ratchet rope. I had to use it twice in about ten years (once the string with the keys got entangled so they didn't fall down and the second time I set a wrong time to the release timer). It took me very very hard and long 30 minutes to get the keys off the rope with sweaty fingers and constant stimulation...

best wishes

About Venus 2000:

I wish you made some photos of yourself while bound and "connected"...
Hi Tightbound

Love the description of your session - sounds like real fun 😁

I do have a couple of questions, if I may:

How do you set up the Venus so that it stays 'in place'? I have always imagined that the device needs to be fixed in some manner so that it won't fall off - or is this not a problem? (I'm not familiar with the device, so you will have to educate me.. Blush )


Are you naked in these sessions or do you 'dress for pleasure'? Just curious to know 😁

As Ra says, a photo (or more) would be wonderful and help us all understand how your set-up works. Even a shot of the straps, machine, cuffs and such without you would really bring this to life if you are bashful 😉 - but it would be lot better to see you in action of course! 😁

great post - thanks for sharing

(26 Sep 2013, 16:37 )madjack Wrote: How do you set up the Venus so that it stays 'in place'?
Yes, my question as well. I've read that it sucks the cock in, so I assumed that it stays in place by vacuum, but I wouldn't rely on it...
I am a mechanic and i built a Venus 2000 my own. At the end of the receiver tube is a check valve. So if you put your dick in once, the air in the receiver tube is pushed out and can´t get back because of the check valve....

By the way it wasn´t to hard to built it.... i have the deluxe version but you can built an easy one without big problems and the Parts you need are not expensive. Maybe i will write a discription how i built it and post it here....

it looks like this:

(05 Mar 2014, 20:35 )Vacbedbound Wrote: it looks like this:
looks cool!
(05 Mar 2014, 20:35 )Vacbedbound Wrote: By the way it wasn´t to hard to built it..
BY the look of it, I really doubt that it's easy to DIY 😁
(05 Mar 2014, 20:35 )Vacbedbound Wrote: Maybe i will write a discription how i built it and post it here....
That would be great!
Can you add a second pump to draw the penis deeper in so that if there is any leak, it wouldn't matter?

And I think it is a lot easer to build than one thinks.
And there is one on eBay now. Seller wants about $500.00 for it.
(06 Mar 2014, 20:48 )Tinker D Wrote: And there is one on eBay now. Seller wants about $500.00 for it.

This one ?

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