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nylon catsuits and more

Great shop, great stuff 😊
Did you buy anything in this shop?
(20 May 2012, 14:33 )ivy.manor Wrote:

Great shop, great stuff 😊

I have considered buying there for several times - but due some "we have no more money to spend" *sigh* I have not 😟

But I double that -they have some really cool stuff there

They have exactly the same weird size table as all Chinese eBay shops, what would make me think twice before you pay twice as much as on eBay. Have a look at this post and check the eBay stores mentioned in it:
Bought 2 bodysuit, the second because I wanted to try a size smaller, which now fits because of the stretchiness 😊

And yes, might be expensive without the ebay shipping costs 😉
(20 May 2012, 21:56 )Like Ra Wrote: They have exactly the same weird size table as all Chinese eBay shops, what would make me think twice before you pay twice as much as on eBay. Have a look at this post and check the eBay stores mentioned in it:

What is wired there? The sizecharts are used in ballet / pantyhoses shops often.

I have seen them in several onlineshops before.

Hey they all think why reinvent the wheel....

Did you know the whole Popey Story is based on writing error?
(Spinach does not have as much iron than everyone thought.
There has been one guy, who has metered the vegetables years ago and did make a comma mistake. Everyone believed in that guys measurements until the late 1990's I think. )

(21 May 2012, 16:01 )krinlyc Wrote: What is wired there? The sizecharts are used in ballet / pantyhoses shops often.
Not quite. Compare these sizes to other shops:

L = Height 170-178cm Weight 60-70kg
XL = Height 178-186cm Weight 70-80kg

I would say very non-standard sizes for non-Chinese shops but very common for Chinese design. Basically, this is why I do not buy lycra suits from Chinese eBay stores - their sizes are not for my figure, but for someone very thin. I'm 175cm tall, and if I had weighed 70kg, I would not be able to move.
Chinese theory for size from 170 to 186: 8 cm equals 10 kg. So 1 cm equals 1.25 kg, to be added to 60 kgs for each cm taller than 170. I am 183 cm tall, so I should weigh 60 + 13x1.25 kg which is 76,25 kg and I actually think, this is a good weight for me, I got some useless fat on my shoulders/back and on the belly, which could amount for the extra 3.75 kg.
When I was 20, I only weighed 65 kg, and I could definitely move.

Let's see for Likera:
175 tall, that is 5 x 1.25 kg + 60 = 66,25 kg Chinese taylor weight.

A friend of mine is 1.75cm tall too, but 75 kg, he is very muscular, worked as a blacksmith and did some body building in the past, partially replaced by fat now, plus a small belly, he should be fine at 70 kg, he says.

So European weight chart from real examples:
175 - 75 kg, that is BMI 24.5 (Body Mass Index)
183 - 80 kg, that is BMI 23.7
normal BMI (male) at the age of 45 to 54 is 22 to 27
Chinese Taylor weight chart
175 - 66.25 kg, that is BMI 21.6
183 - 76,25 kg, that is BMI 22.8

I agree, these Chinese size charts are for slim people. On the other hand, a BMI of 27 (still not obese) would be above 90 kg for 1.83 cm and above 82 kg for 1.75 cm. I would not feel well with 90 kg, my personal highest was 85 and that felt bad! Likera, you got work to do. If you are younger than 45, even more 😉

By the way: the minimum BMI increases with age, which I find odd. Perhaps, the doctors want us to die early???

PS: BMI for 65 kg with 183 cm at the age of 20 is 19.4, should be at least 20, I was a bit too light at that time.


The formula for BMI is Weight divided by square of (Size in cm).
Minimum BMI is 19 at the age of 19-24 and increases by 1 every 10 years
Maximum BMI is 24 at the age of 19.24 and increases by 1 every 10 years
The BMI is very questionable, especially, if you have huge or tiny muscles.
Let's see here... 10 years ago I was very slim and weighed about 71-72kg. Martial art training plus jogging increased my weight to 74-75. Two months ago I downloaded an Android app for push-ups/pull-ups/sit-ups/squats and after only two weeks of additional trainings (that's 6 days a week including more intensive martial arts lessons) my weight jumped up by 4kg, so it's about 79 now.

I do not think I have too much fat, rather muscles and "water". For example, I loose upto 2kg during one 2hour training. When I weighed ~73 it was very difficult to survive 😉

My point is that weight/height ratio is very individual and that the Chinese sizes are very unique in this sense. For example, usually the manufacturers specify not height/weight, but chest/waist/hips/height combination. And the site from the first post uses exactly these unique sizes. What makes me think that the manufacturer is exactly the same.

The US store I bought some lycra stuff from a couple of weeks ago (will post about it later) has a different size table:

S: upto 63.5kg/160cm
M: upto 77kg/170cm
L: upto 86kg/178cm

See? Different scale.

I ordered M. Fits fine.

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