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male selfbondage (need ideas)
I have been doing selfbondage for a little bit, and so far just using a buttplug doesnt get me to cum. I've done the puppyplay tie, the hogtie, and many others with a buttplug and dildo but i dont cum unless i purposely get myself into a position i "can't" escape or have to try to play with myself in a rather awkward or painful position... so i have a blindfold, inflatable vibrating buttplug, a medium buttplug, a strapon, a pocket pussy, a suction cup dildo (about 7 1/2 inches), and also i have a hitachi vibrator (wall outlet kind, but its kind of hard to incorporate into a male selfbondage setup).
Do you have any ideas to actually get me into a position or setup to where i can cum without trying to hard. i havent tried much with a homemade cock ring device. (illustrations would be great) Ive also tried to suck my own dick by laying down and lifting my legs up and back but im not flexible enough anymore, (i was able to suck it once a few months ago) or if anyone can describe a better method of being able to suck my own dick. i thought of maybe trying to tie the pocket pussy onto my dick but i dont think itll stay. it would be nice to recreate the feeling of getting penetrated with the dildo or something while using my penis (like having the pocket pussy somehow on it. do you have any ideas?
also i tried the puppy play setup but there is no good location in my house to setup the suction cup dildo for good penetration and its slightly hard to fuck in that position. also many other positions work a little but its not self bondage and i have to manually jerk myself off.
or any ideas at all would be great
(04 Nov 2012, 15:51 )scaryppt Wrote: i havent tried much with a homemade cock ring device. (illustrations would be great)
What about this: ?
How about wanking or fucking a cushion? It is difficult to come without physical stimulation.
This works for me, Maybe it will work for you.
After I get dress, and pretty much tied, I take a vibrator egg, and wrap tape around the egg and my penis, just behind the head under the little place that makes me cumm. And before I place my wrists in the coils, I turn on the vibrator and tuck it in my partyhoes where it stays in place.

Then into the wrist loops and start tighting the hogtie.

For me, I get just about tight, when the egg launches me, and then that damm egg keeps me feelin it till I get loose.

Maybe something like this can work for you. And I don't have a buttplug yet. I want a K9 type that inflates a knot and starts moving in and out.
K9 is pretty cool, but how the hell would you use it in self-bondage???

dog penis with inflatable knot.

Saw it on the net.
(05 Nov 2012, 22:53 )Tinker D Wrote: dog penis with inflatable knot.

Saw it on the net.

Ha, so it actually is a dog 😁
Yes, and two of them can be tied together so if you had a partner, you both could be tied together.... by the seat of your ass.


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