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layering methods, and It always pays to check the pantyhose aisle
I have a pantyhose buying issue. I can never leave a grocery store or drugstore without browsing the pantyhose and tights aisle and buying something. I like the tightness of pantyhose and I like lots of layers, so I can get away with inexpensive brands and enjoy them all the same.

For a while I've been obsessed with high-waisted or shaping pantyhose, bodyshapers, or tights, because it's a lot cheaper to buy those and ruin them by cutting strategic holes than it is to buy more expensive shapewear and the like. Doing the homemade bodystocking thing was the most awesome thing ever; I wish I would have known about it years ago. There are a few problems: you have to experiment for a while to find out where to cut holes for shoulder straps (it depends on the brand and the cut...most high-waisted shaper pantyhose is best to cut just below the waistband so that the waistband is strong enough to hold all of the pantyhose up yet doesn't cut into your shoulder), you have to figure out a way to do the "inverted" bodysuit so your pecs dont squeeze out on top of the other bodysuit (I've just ended up using the top of a pair of control top pantyhose, cut out the gusset to stick my head through, cut off the legs, and wear about 4-5 of these like a sports bra).

7 or 8 layers of the bodysuits and you can wear as many pairs of panythose on top of that as you like, because your midsection is so firmly compressed that the top layers of regular pantyhose won't fold over, but this comes with a problem, too: enough layers and you can't feel any tactile sensation on your penis. So, I've been trying ways to cut holes in the layers of pantyhose that will allow me to wear about 10 layers of pantyhose and have my penis, but not my testicles, go through the layers without getting strangled to death.

I saw jacintaph's sheath method, and I incorporated some of that, and I also got a few of Christina's awesome 'pantyhose pulling' videos where she shows how to do it...the key to all of this is that if you wrap too many layers around your penis, you can't keep them on too long or you will chafe like crazy. Too few layers and you run the risk of not having enough of a gasket between your penis and the edges of the strategic holes in your bodysuit layers, and you will get pinched to death.

I found a solution in a simple, cheap kitchen sponge. It works like this: sooner or later you figure out that the hole you cut in the bodysuit-layers of pantyhose should probably be in the gusset, so that the hole doesn't get too wide. The edges of the gusset reinforce the hole and keep it a reasonable size. To protect your penis from pinching, you need to take a pantyhose leg that you have cut off and put it over your penis all the way down, so that it's scrunchy around the base and tight over the top and shaft. Then, you take the other leg of the pantyhose you've cut off and wrap it around your penis as close to the base as you can...but don't wrap it around like a garrotte; you need to wrap it around flat, like as if you were wrapping saran wrap over a cylinder as neatly as you could. This leaves the more sensitive and fun areas of the penis fairly exposed and under only one layer of nylon, but the bottom part, which would otherwise get pinched, is wrapped up pretty safely and snugly. Plus, the tightness acts as sort of a cock ring and your penis remains pretty swelled up the entire time. You still have the testicle problem and pinching problem around the scrotum skin, but that's where the sponge comes in. If you cut a slit in the sponge, about 2 inches long lengthwise down the middle of the sponge, and then cut another slit about an inch long that crosses the center of the long slit so you have a cross-shape in the sponge, you can stick your pantyhose-wrapped penis through the hole, and you can then put on all of the layers of bodysuits without worrying about your skin getting pinched or your scrotum/testicles popping out from the pressure. 7-8 layers of bodysuits on top of that and your penis is sticking through the holes very comfortably and the sponge is so compressed in toward you by the layers of bodysuits that it's almost completely flattened out and is definitely not noticeable. You can then put on a few layers of whatever over all of everything, and you are comfortable for hours...and your penis looks enormous, haha. GENIUS!

But to the second portion of the title of the post...there must be something going on in the world of department store pantyhose. I just left a CVS in Gainesville with 27 pairs of various kinds of control top pantyhose, shaping pantyhose, waist-smoothing pantyhose, and shaping tights (All of the L'eggs no nonsense or JMS nonsense) and paid less than $40. I don't know what is going on, but that's a lot of pantyhose for the money.
HI Spandextc

great post - I can see that you've spent a lot of time working on that solution.

Though I'm almost (95%) sure I get it, a picture or two could really make it much clearer ('a picture paints...' as they say).

I love layering, especially when I want to prevent sexual stimulation. I find it incredibly exciting (but not too arousing 😉 ) and delighfully frustrating to be unable to make myself cum when wearing mutliple layers of nylon.

The 'pinching' you describe is very familiar and has on occasion brought a very premature end to a planned session - some mild pain can be fun, but not the feeling of having your balls and cock ripped from your body! (well, not to me anyway... it takes all sorts I guess).

If I can get your soltuion to work then I might be able to attempt one of my fantasies and spend more than a few hours encased in as many of my tights, pantyhose and bodysuits as possible - 😁

Have you tried the full bodysuits and mens pantyhose that can be brought from eBay? (see other posting son the forum) - they come with penis sheaths and I can personally recommend them for their sexyness

Intersting comments about bargain pantyhose in Gainesville (I assume in the Florida, USA?) - in the UK it can be the opposite, with quality pantyhose almost impossible to find cheap in shops. Here we seem to be in a bit of a pantyhose/tight wearing slump, so stocks are low and prices high - thank goodness for the internet!

Love to see/read more about your adventures

(09 Aug 2012, 00:02 )spandextc Wrote: 27 pairs of various kinds of ... pantyhose ... and paid less than $40.
Yeah, not bad at all... Rather dirty cheap. In NL, DE, AT supermarkets you can't find any decent pantyhose cheaper than $3. And in FR it's about $5-6.
(09 Aug 2012, 10:44 )madjack Wrote: Though I'm almost (95%) sure I get it, a picture or two could really make it much clearer ('a picture paints...' as they say).

Have you tried the full bodysuits and mens pantyhose that can be brought from eBay? (see other posting son the forum) - they come with penis sheaths and I can personally recommend them for their sexyness

about the suits with the built in sheaths...they just don't do it for me. Mainly because they are not womens' pantyhose, thus nut taboo for me. Irrational, I know.

As far as a picture, I really didn't take one of that sponge process, but it's super simple: take an ordinary 4x6 kitchen sponge (a clean one, of course) and cut two slits in it: one in the center of the sponge going lengthwise, and the other bisecting the first one so that there is a "+" in the middle.

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