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introducing myself
First of all sry for bad grammar. This is all written on a smartphone.
Hello every1 on this wonderful site. I am gunz well atleast thats what i call myself. I am only 21years old and im a SWITCH and from norway. I am not so experienced in the bdsm enviroment but aee getting into more and more. Currently only doing selfbondage. I doo think most things sounds i teresting but the top 5 things i would like to try out is. 1. Being a sissy slave sex object for my mistress/master too use in ant way
2. Being in a switch relationship with someone where suprizing the other is the main purpose. For example waking up in the morning finding out your in a hogtie with a vibrating plug inside you and a penis plug inside just beacuse the otherone woke up first and has the right to do whagever hehe.
3. Exploring enema and the use of it in bdsm etc on myself and on others
4. Having a female slave to do whatever i please heh og be the slave myself
5. Group bdsm and getting to know ppl and hearing about others experiences that i can try myself at a time.
Well thats that. If u want to know somethkng please contact me. Also some1 allrdy know my slightly on this page. And one last thing. I am planning to maybe film or get some photos for future self bondage and im wonderkng if any pictures could be posted here on the page, i like getting tips on what i might do better in a other way
First of all - very welcome aboard!

About the rest - lots of us are more or less into what you have listed (or at least in some of them Wink Please have a look at the dedicated forum, and if you can't find related threads do not hesitate to create new ones.
thanks and i will definetly. and sry if my english is bad xD im from Norway.
And i been on this site looong just havnt gone to forum until now Tongue and i will prob make a donation aswell Smile awsome site for us who isnt like the socalled "normal" ppl out there.. ppl like us are the best hehe

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