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help a newebee play
I am another who has looked around and finally took the plunge and joined up properly.
Since I have the house to myself I have been playing a little bit and was thinking of doing something with a water bottle and string running through a pulley with my release key and a counterweight on the other end, forcing me to drink whatever is in the bottle to get the key low enough to grab when I came across this old thread.
My plan is to tie myself to a chair with one wrist padlocked and the hose taped to my mouth so it does not slip out.
What I am hoping is that some of you will help with this and put some suprize into it.
What I Have

Short Skirts that just cover my ass.
Blue corset with removable garters
French Maid Outfit
Seamed stockings
Stay up fishnet Stockings
Black/Red.White fishnet Pantyhose
Strappy 3 1/2" Heels
Red/Blue Bra
Pink Bustier with matching Garter Belt
Pretty Thongs
Pink Boy Shorts
Grannie Panties
But Plug
Hitatchi Wand with jerk off attchment
Metal CB6000
(The Hitatchi can slide over the cage and the vibrations are just something else, should make me cum or at least keep me close
Lots of rope,
Have to houose to myself for a couple of weeks so I can take the time and set this up and not worry about company.
I am also a bit of an exhibitionist and would love to do this live on webcam somewhere. Any sugestions?
61 views and no suggestions LOL
If it helps I just set up a couple of ice cube ice locks in the freezer.

what exactly do you need help for?? ideas for what you can do or?
Yes, indeed. If you need a working scenario, you can find a plenty of them here:

And also, do not forget to check the the basic techniques:
Just an advise: If you are thinking up a szenario, do not worry too much about the clothes you want to wear (or not wear). Get down to the stuff that restrains you and think about possible accidents. Second, consider trouble from all the clothing. It is amazing to see, how the lose end of a leather-belt can catch a piece of rope and keep it out of reach...

I am writing this, because the first though I had was, that when drinking through a hose, that is attached with tape, the tape might get wet and slip off.

I suggest that you simply play around and explore possibilities. And always stay sober while doing that.
Well I tried this last evening and though it worked out pretty well other than I used a 1 quart drinking bottle and was free within 15 minutes of starting to drink.
time to look for something a little more interesting and maye slightly more humiliating.

Fill that quart bottle (plastic) with water, and Freezse it.
You can drink the water as it melts.
That should keep you in your place for a few hours or days if you turn the heat off.

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