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Let's play twister
DSC00006.JPG    i attach pictures of my particular homemade twister carpet, is made of Spanish cards, 1st column from the left (green) 2nd blue, 3rd yellow and 4th red .

You can choose color and number ( 1 to 6 ) for my right and left feet and right and left hands, try something difficult, funny, uncomfortable and humiliating positions Smile

DSC00007.JPG    DSC00008.JPG   
No pantyhose on your arms?
(08 Oct 2011, 00:14 )Like Ra Wrote: No pantyhose on your arms?

no, i only have two pairs of pantyhose at this time, i could wear leather gloves or some long socks ( spots red socks covering from hands to elbows )simulating long gloves on my arms if you want

Not sure if I get the idea of this game, especially if you are not gagged, plugged, semi-bound and alone ;-)
(08 Oct 2011, 00:35 )Like Ra Wrote: Not sure if I get the idea of this game, especially if you are not gagged, plugged, semi-bound and alone ;-)

i colud be ball-gagged, semi bound ( i have 4-6 mm nylon rope and some shoelaces ) as you choose and i will be alone Smile i don´t have butt-plug

But still, what's the point? Just crouch on all fours for a couple of minutes?
(08 Oct 2011, 00:55 )Like Ra Wrote: But still, what's the point? Just crouch on all fours for a couple of minutes?

try many positions, for a time given here , could be a couple of minutes or a long night of twister, i have available tonite up to 2 hours to play Smile
From the chat session:

00:53:05 ‹Morten A› can you feel the dots on the carpet ?
00:53:57 ‹maid_woman› no, barely i can see the cards through my hood
00:54:19 ‹Morten A› what hood do you have ?
00:54:30 ‹maid_woman› i can see the cards with difficulty ( sorry for my english, is my second language)
00:54:55 ‹Morten A› same here Smile and for ra to i guess Smile
00:55:02 ‹maid_woman› a full head lycra hood, semi transparent , i am wearing it on the post presentation pictures
00:55:26 ‹Morten A› arh i see it now, looks great
00:56:02 ‹maid_woman› thank you Morten
00:56:14 ‹Like Ra› Yeah, with this hood it would be much more interesting:
00:56:49 ‹Morten A› hehe yes
00:57:53 ‹Like Ra› Actually, it's not that expensive
00:58:08 ‹Morten A› is funny a collar for human cost more then one for dogs. is the same basic, and you also get a O/D ring
00:58:13 ‹Like Ra› GBP 19.99
00:58:21 ‹maid_woman› looks fun, but i could not see the cards with a blind hood
00:58:25 ‹Like Ra› My point exactly
00:58:40 ‹Like Ra› Ah, you do not need the cards at all
00:59:02 ‹Like Ra› Cinch your wrists behind your back and try to find a knife in another room ;-)
00:59:26 ‹Like Ra› Or, and bind your legs together
00:59:32 ‹maid_woman› i didn´t get the idea of playing twister if no color cards on the carpet
00:59:58 ‹Like Ra› I didn't get the idea of twister at all ;-)
01:00:11 ‹maid_woman› i see Sad
01:00:55 ‹maid_woman› i seem funny to play twister crossdressed and semi bound, but we don´t have the same fetishes Like Ra Wink
01:01:04 ‹maid_woman› is ok
01:01:16 ‹Like Ra› Is twister a fetish?
01:01:48 ‹Like Ra› Xdress and bondage are some of my fetishes, definitely
01:01:54 ‹maid_woman› twister but playing while i am crossdressed and bound Smile
01:02:19 ‹Like Ra› I would prefer aerobics ;-)
01:02:29 ‹Morten A› hehe
01:02:44 ‹Like Ra› E.g. jumping with ben-wa balls inside
01:02:57 ‹maid_woman› aerobics could be fun too, but i don´t have a video camera, only pictures
i am wainting for request of positions to play twister tonight, everyone please feel free to ask me to perform them for you Smile


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