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House of self-bondage
House of self-bondage
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Let's play twister
 DSC00006.JPG    i attach pictures of my particular homemade twister carpet, is made of Spanish cards, 1st column from the left (green) 2nd blue, 3rd yellow and 4th red .

You can choose color and number ( 1 to 6 ) for my right and left feet and right and left hands, try something difficult, funny, uncomfortable and humiliating positions 😊

 DSC00007.JPG     DSC00008.JPG   
No pantyhose on your arms?
(07 Oct 2011, 23:14 )Like Ra Wrote: No pantyhose on your arms?

no, i only have two pairs of pantyhose at this time, i could wear leather gloves or some long socks ( spots red socks covering from hands to elbows )simulating long gloves on my arms if you want

Not sure if I get the idea of this game, especially if you are not gagged, plugged, semi-bound and alone 😉
(07 Oct 2011, 23:35 )Like Ra Wrote: Not sure if I get the idea of this game, especially if you are not gagged, plugged, semi-bound and alone 😉

i colud be ball-gagged, semi bound ( i have 4-6 mm nylon rope and some shoelaces ) as you choose and i will be alone 😊 i don´t have butt-plug

But still, what's the point? Just crouch on all fours for a couple of minutes?
(07 Oct 2011, 23:55 )Like Ra Wrote: But still, what's the point? Just crouch on all fours for a couple of minutes?

try many positions, for a time given here , could be a couple of minutes or a long night of twister, i have available tonite up to 2 hours to play 😊
From the chat session:

00:53:05 ‹Morten A› can you feel the dots on the carpet ?
00:53:57 ‹maid_woman› no, barely i can see the cards through my hood
00:54:19 ‹Morten A› what hood do you have ?
00:54:30 ‹maid_woman› i can see the cards with difficulty ( sorry for my english, is my second language)
00:54:55 ‹Morten A› same here 😊 and for ra to i guess 😊
00:55:02 ‹maid_woman› a full head lycra hood, semi transparent , i am wearing it on the post presentation pictures
00:55:26 ‹Morten A› arh i see it now, looks great
00:56:02 ‹maid_woman› thank you Morten
00:56:14 ‹Like Ra› Yeah, with this hood it would be much more interesting:
00:56:49 ‹Morten A› hehe yes
00:57:53 ‹Like Ra› Actually, it's not that expensive
00:58:08 ‹Morten A› is funny a collar for human cost more then one for dogs. is the same basic, and you also get a O/D ring
00:58:13 ‹Like Ra› GBP 19.99
00:58:21 ‹maid_woman› looks fun, but i could not see the cards with a blind hood
00:58:25 ‹Like Ra› My point exactly
00:58:40 ‹Like Ra› Ah, you do not need the cards at all
00:59:02 ‹Like Ra› Cinch your wrists behind your back and try to find a knife in another room 😉
00:59:26 ‹Like Ra› Or, and bind your legs together
00:59:32 ‹maid_woman› i didn´t get the idea of playing twister if no color cards on the carpet
00:59:58 ‹Like Ra› I didn't get the idea of twister at all 😉
01:00:11 ‹maid_woman› i see 😟
01:00:55 ‹maid_woman› i seem funny to play twister crossdressed and semi bound, but we don´t have the same fetishes Like Ra 😉
01:01:04 ‹maid_woman› is ok
01:01:16 ‹Like Ra› Is twister a fetish?
01:01:48 ‹Like Ra› Xdress and bondage are some of my fetishes, definitely
01:01:54 ‹maid_woman› twister but playing while i am crossdressed and bound 😊
01:02:19 ‹Like Ra› I would prefer aerobics 😉
01:02:29 ‹Morten A› hehe
01:02:44 ‹Like Ra› E.g. jumping with ben-wa balls inside
01:02:57 ‹maid_woman› aerobics could be fun too, but i don´t have a video camera, only pictures
i am wainting for request of positions to play twister tonight, everyone please feel free to ask me to perform them for you 😊


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