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Hi, just found your site today and have enjoyed reading it. Its funny how on the internet there is always someone who shares your interests. I have often fantasised about being controlled and dominated by a strong man or woman, and it is interesting to see that it is possible to explore some fantasies of mine on my own.
Hi Stuart! And welcome on board. It is always nice to meet someone with similar interests.

"Locking clothes" is being discussed on many boards, but the thing is, "the clothes you can't take off" virtually does not exist, unless it's made out of metal. You can always "cut the way out". So, from this point of view, it's an utopia.

However, it is possible to make removing fetish clothing very difficult or impractical. You need at least to hide it somewhere when you leave a WC ;-)

If we are talking about something lockable, we should consider metal cords, cuffs, belts, harness etc worn over clothes or plugs.
yes, I guess cutting is always an option.