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diy collar?
Hey does anyone know how to make a diy collar? I want a collar so i can lock myself into a leotard (i have a lock) but I can't seem to find anything that can stay on my neck (its ok if i can cut it, i want someway to get out in case the lock doesnt work)
Any leather collar should do. How about a dog collar? You could make an extra hole into the strap and use that to lock the strap to the buckle.

Alternatively, you could get a thin cable rope and these electrical cable connectors, er, it is a little plastic block with a metal tube inside, and two screws to squeeze one cable on each end of the tube, used a lot in lamps and the like.

Last idea: A metal chain, preferably with closed, i.e. welded, rings, so you can't hurt yourself. I have seen metal dog collars, you could get one and modify it according to your needs (not the ones with the spikes towards the inside Big Grin ).
I still use a dog collar, even after I bought a "usual bondage one".
It's a dog collar for me too...
picked up a nice black collar with external spikes from a shop for 1.24 sterling
Love anything to do with saran or shrink wrap
Dog collar for me also - so many sizes and types (including padded ones).

If you want to lock the collar on one one trick I use is to purchase those very small 'suitcase' locks (in the UK you can often get 3-4 for a £1!!) - they are near useless for security but excellent for locking through a collar hole and the buckle to prevent removal (freeze or hide keys to delay release). In a panic situation you could cut the collar or even bust the lock with a screwdriver