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a quick hi - and thanks
Hi folks -

Long-time occasional lurker - Decided to join in and participate when I can because simply helping by following links to ebay are not enough...

I'll save the long history lesson on me - but to suffice to say, I'm very similar to many of you and eerily similar to LikeRa in interests and otherwise.  I've been doing self-bondage and cross-dressing in private for 35+ years - got caught in pantyhose and rope when I was 6 by my dad... never since.  Am married to a wonderful woman for almost 20 years now who I've successfully brought into the world of kink more recently.. when we get time, our bondage sessions are intense (and we switch).  Still working on bringing her fully into the fold but I'm patient (and careful) - 3 kids add to the challenge.

I have a lot of experience in self-bondage techniques and devices, many of which I've crafted myself and more than the normal stuff that's out there (of which, I've read almost everything) - I hope to share some of that with time.  Am handy and an engineer by trade so you can imagine what that has led to... and I have that crazy fetish shopping fetish (that's a fetish too, right? hah)   

My sincerest thanks, LikeRa - for hosting and for your personal involvement over the years.  I can say with certainty that it's made for some wonderful sessions but more importantly, it's helped me not feel alone, sick and twisted in my perversions.  Even more importantly, it's helped me get the courage to bring my wife into my various bdsm and other fantasies.... which, fwiw, took many years...but was ultimately successful.  

I'll cya on the forums... need to apply a coat of paint to the electronic stocks I've always been meaning to build and finally did (very similar to here: :Smile some sharing will obviously be forthcoming!

Welcome to group.
A warm welcome!
(25 Nov 2015, 03:36 )PhilB Wrote: got caught in pantyhose and rope when I was 6 by my dad
I was caught around 5 by my grandma Big Grin

(25 Nov 2015, 03:36 )PhilB Wrote: 3 kids add to the challenge.
2 in my case Wink

(25 Nov 2015, 03:36 )PhilB Wrote: and eerily similar to LikeRa in interests and otherwise
Yes, very Tongue

(25 Nov 2015, 03:36 )PhilB Wrote: it's helped me not feel alone, sick and twisted in my perversions.
Yes, my feelings exactly in 1993-1994, when I got access to the Internet and discovered similarly perverted people Big Grin The Internet was simultaneously an eye-opener, and a deep-shamer, because I had been binding myself for years, yet could not come up with so simple, yet effective techniques...

And yes, very welcome aboard!
never got caught. For now Smile

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