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Winter - a great season for outdoor sb fun
I‘m lurking around here for quite a long time, at last I thought it was time to share something.

Here is what I did last night:
Driving to the outskirts of the city on a six lane road and parking besides a cycle tunnel crossing below. I was already wearing my session outfit for tonight:
  • thermo pantyhose
  • long sleeved leotard
  • neoprene shorty
  • 5“ platform boots (those really add some spicing, ain‘t they?)
There was still some traffic on the road, but I had no problem crossing on surface level, as I can run quite fast on the platform heels. Once I reached the other side, I stepped down some stairs to the tunnel entry. Now I stood at a normally frequented bikeway which was – thanks to the late hour and low temperatures – deserted at least at the moment.
Time to start the real fun: I pulled out a set of leg cuffs which I carried "just in case" Wink .
Of course, without any hesitation, I snapped them on my ankles (do I have to explain where the key was?).
Unfortunately, I have no original photos from the session, but this is how it looked:
bootscuffed.jpg thumbnail   
Now, that's what I call a hobble chain, huh? Not like those normal leg irons for amateurs..
Obviously, walking back the same way was no option anymore, it would have been impossible to pass between traffic. I had to take the tunnel, a much longer distance without any chance to hide, should a cyclist pass. As a bonus, the tunnel is brightly illuminated at night. The only way to reduce the risk of encountering someone was going as fast as possible.
I lost no time and started running. That must have been quite a remarkable sight and sound as my boots where hammering the concrete, chains rattling while I was hobbling at full speed trying to keep balance. I really regret that I did not install an action cam before...
Shortly, it turned out that running was a great idea, as a cyclist entered the tunnel just when I was back in safety in my car, unlocking the shackles.

I was surprised how well it went as I did not expect to do such a spectacular „cuff run“ scenario when I started. The temperature outside was just a few degrees above zero, so I thought I couldn't do anything long at all. However I did not freeze at all. Maybe it helped that my adrenaline level was just a little bit above normal Cool .
I hope you enjoyed it and maybe it inspires someone to try something similar these days. Feel free to post any suggestions for modifications or improvements as I will probably do a similar session again in a matter of days..
1. Welcome aboard and thanks! Wink
2. This is very close to this idea
3. I do not like winter "outdoor-self-bondage-wise", but you can add more funny layers.
4. The session can be made more interesting (but also risky) by adding "plugins" (plug&gag) and handcuffs
5. Yes, cameras!
6. Nice one!

Welcome to the forum! 

Excellent way for selfbondage outdoors, if you are going to document everything Tongue , I think with video would be easier to catch everything and not focusing too much on taking pictures while avoiding being seen. As Like Ra suggested, you could add more risk, maybe a gag (hidden with a scarf to be less risky),

If you have boots more difficult to walk with while cuffed maybe you would feel more adrenaline, I don't know. Maybe a vibrator if you are into it. My imagination is taking off, so that's everything I can think of right now. 

Great post, thanks for sharing and hope you can post more sessions.
(04 Jan 2017, 20:05 )Like Ra Wrote: The session can be made more interesting (but also risky) by adding "plugins" (plug&gag) and handcuffs

I'm not so much into gags and plugs (or maybe have not yet acquired the taste). But handcuffs, definitely yes. A leg irons-only restraint is somewhat incomplete..

(05 Jan 2017, 06:36 )madboyevil Wrote: maybe a gag (hidden with a scarf to be less risky),

Remember, I was running around in shackles wearing nothing but lycra/neoprene fetish clothes and high heeled platform boots.
Covering a gag would not be my greatest concern in that situation Wink

But when you're into "hiddden" sb, this might be a good idea:
Walk through the city center on a saturday afternoon wearing a gag with covering scarf. Match it with a pocket hoodie, where you can put on handcuffs without being noticed (possibly even locked to a waistchain). If you're brave, the scarf is wrapped loosely and the handcuff key nowhere nearby Wink

(05 Jan 2017, 06:36 )madboyevil Wrote: Great post, thanks for sharing and hope you can post more sessions.

Thanks Smile
Unfortunately I don't have much time normally to conduct these complex sessions.
But I really think about doing something with video. And I might even
put it online, if it doesn't violate my privacy concerns.
(06 Jan 2017, 19:12 )johngerners Wrote: Covering a gag would not be my greatest concern in that situation

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