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First try at a Karada and some bathtub fun
Last night I really got in the mood from self bondage fun and after reading about karadas on this site I decided I wanted to give one a try.

Equipment for this session:

20 feet of rope
Ice cubes
Water lock
Laptop with webcam - For that element of danger Smile

Safety precautions:

All locks will be daisy chained to help against lock/key failure.

Emergency keys placed in a can of paint. Keys placed inside a plastic bag to prevent the paint from interfering with the operation of the key. Retrieval of this key would have dumped the paint on top of me and the bathtub that I will be laying in.


I setup the water lock so that it would drop a set of keys once triggered. I set the lock for 3 hours. I piece of string also hung down from the keys to within reach of my hands so that if the keys got stuck I could pull the string to unstick them.

I placed about 2 dozen ice cubes into the hose which I then hung over the bathtub. The ice was just for the torture of dripping cold water on my chest. I did hang a set of keys here as well for a backup release which would trigger long after the water lock.

Using the diagram found under Karada 2 in the techniques section I tied a karada onto myself. I then wore a nightgown over the karada.

I tied the the strings from both the emergency keys and the main and backup keys to my wrists so that no matter where any keys were/dropped I would have the string that would allow me to pull them to my hands.

I then sat down in the bathtub and chained my knees together and also my ankles together. I then lay down flat in the bathtub, knees bent to allow me to lay flat. I took a chain from my ankles to the ends of the karada rope that was tied to the central rope in front. the chain was tight so that relieving any pressure on my legs by straightening them would tighten the karada further.

Next I chained my wrists together. I took the free end of the chain and wrapped it around another of the karada ropes and locked it as tightly as I could so that any significant movement of my hands would also tighten the karada.

I began this session at 9pm and had set my laptop on a stool next to the bathtub prior to the session with the webcam aimed at me. I had setup a program that at 12:15 it would turn on the webcam and post pictures to my facebook page if I did not turn it off beforehand. I just love these elements of danger! Smile

I then laid there, with cold water dripping on my chest for the next three hours.

At midnight the water lock tripped and the keys dropped without incident, bouncing off my belly and landing in the tub to my right. Using the string that I had previously tied to my wrist I was able to pull the keys to me.

I decided that the first thing to do was free my hands from where they were locked to the karada, which would then give me a little bit more mobility to be able to unlock the lock holding my wrists together. Next I unlocked the chain going from my ankles to the karada which then allowed me to sit up and reach over to the laptop to stop the timer, with just 3 minutes to spare! Then it was just a matter of removing the rest of the bindings and the karada.

All in all a fun session. My first attempt at a karada was not too bad, but I think all in all it was too loose.

After waking up this morning and before getting ready for work I decided I would tie the karada on me again and spend the day in it. Smile
I wish there were some pictures. Since you have a full set up (laptop, camera, etc.), why don't you make some photos and post here? Of course, no need to show the face.
(15 Jul 2010, 23:31 )Like Ra Wrote: I wish there were some pictures. Since you have a full set up (laptop, camera, etc.), why don't you make some photos and post here? Of course, no need to show the face.

Ok, I will see if I can get some photos of my next session to post.
Yes, please! That would be great! I like your descriptions, but photos sometimes explain better ;-)

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