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Wimbledon and Serena Williams.
I'm hoping this will be a new fashion. Unless I'm very mistaken, Serena played her opening match today wearing nylons. At about 30 degrees celsius

I think the images are overcompressed, what removed the details.
No, I watched the end of the match on live satelite TV and her legs looked just the same, Rus's legs looked completely different.
(02 Jul 2018, 22:36 )culmor Wrote: No, I watched the end of the match on live satelite TV and her legs looked just the same, Rus's legs looked completely different.

You are right Culmor. On a few shots, I saw the waistband of her tights when her tennis dress rode up. She was clearly wearing tights or more probably leggings. All the fast starts and stops in tennis would be tough wearing footed tights. She wore white tennis briefs over the tights, then the dress over that. First the catsuit, now this, I'm lovin' tennis more and more these days!
I like her outfit.
As for the pantyhose, I have a pair that looks the same.
I love them.
I have Wolford Satin de Luxe tights in a dark  brown shade (Mocha, I think) that look a bit like Serena's except that they're shinier and have back seams. I bought them for my Chun-Li crossplay, and if Ms Williams' thighs aren't the image of Chun-Li's I don't know who's are 😊
"The content is not available in your location" 😕
I've found a close-up 😊

Very nice leg.
And a hint of white panties.
At lease it looks like panties.

I wonder now.....
Are her tights or pantyhoes crouch less?
I couldn't immediately find my brown Wolfords but I've managed to put together a suitable outfit to watch her next match.


Edit, just found the Wolfords 😊

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