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Where can i find more Techniques with only rope?
I only have rope at home so i am limited to what i can do. I have looked in the Techniques section but most of them require other things like rings and stuff. Is there somewhere i can find more techniques and stuff with ropes and it explains in detail how to do them?
Should not be very difficult. You can use any technique just don't use any tightening devices. The Japanese nawa-shibari is about rope only.

The rings are used as:

o- one-way tightening devices
o- anchoring points
o- make rope slide easier

And, BTW, rings are not expensive an can be bought in any hardware store.
What is Japanese nawa-shibari?

Are there any sites or books on this with a lot of self rope bondage? Can you recommend any?
You can find some techniques on my site in the Technique section. E.g. Karada 2, Karada 3. Lots of links to start with are on the Shibari Wiki page.
Thanks, is there a good book you can recommend too with good examples and setp by step guides?
Soldier Wrote:Thanks, is there a good book you can recommend too with good examples and step by step guides?

I have seen a couple... Let me dig through my bookmarks and I'll let you know. Will take some time, though :-)
Ok thanks
In the end, the common idea of most techniques is probably to achieve more "security" and that is very relative because it heavily depends on the rope and finger skills. As for patterns and safety, there are lots of websites with very detailed information and - at least for me - trying that at home is part of the fun Smile has a few free tutorial videos about partner bondage and they are worth watching! Of course some of the methods shown there need "translation" for self-bondage.

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