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Poll: One day alone - what would you do?
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One long session with as much as you can add?
2 33.33%
4 or 5 shorter sessions, all different?
4 66.67%
Something else - please suggest
0 0%
Total 6 vote(s) 100%
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What to do with myself - an envious position but also a tricky one
There is a very real chance that I will be left to my own devices for a whole day in the very near future.

This offers all sorts of opportunities for fun and games of the self-bondage kind! I have already decided not to buy any new gear (money is not easy at this time) and so anything I do will be ‘met from stock’ as they say. That still gives me with so much to play with (see ‘Have I got too much fetish gear’ post, so at least there should be no lack of scope!

But I’m in a quandary…. What should I do?Huh

I desperately want to have another long, inescapable, self-bondage session – and that will take time to set up, time to enjoy and time to recover afterwards.

But I also want to do a million different fetish/bondage fun things as well, (it has been such a long time since I last ‘played’) which are more quick and easy.

And even though I will be ‘alone’ that doesn’t mean I will not have to do other things as well (feeding animals, work, shopping, cleaning, etc… the usual domestic stuff) – so I don’t think I will have time to do both a long session and all the short sessions.

Add to this the basic idea that all my self-bondage sessions are intended to end in pleasure for me (orgasm / ejaculation / cuming / spurting my load / etc – so many names for the ultimate sexual high) and the sad fact that I’m past the age where recovery from sexual release took only a few minutes!Sad

So what should I do?

Throw everything into one huge session (an ‘all or nothing’ scenario) or try for 3 or 4 simpler scenes over the hours I have?

What would you do?

Build up, don't come before a set time. While being home alone, you could wear some fetish gear, perhaps even some restraints. When leaving the house, you could wear something hidden. And eventually, you get ready for the big finish.

Alternatively, make plans for one big session that lasts from the morning to when you have to start being active. Then relax and enjoy the rest of the day without nagging thoughts.

I did both successfully many times. Once, I am done, I am usually done for quite a while. The first scheme sometimes gets me into a pretty weird mood, the second one is pretty reliable, though I don't do it exactly like that. I simply do something exciting rather quickly and then I am free to concentrate on anything.

Anyway, have fun, don't plan too much and don't give yourself too much pressure. After all, you want an enjoyable day, don't you?
I would say several short sessions not longer than 40-45minutes. So you can try several combinations without exhaustion.
(04 Oct 2012, 19:06 )Strappado Wrote: After all, you want an enjoyable day, don't you?
Very good point!
Good points and the votes are a majority for many shorter sessions (less than an hour).

Well the day has started, I am home alone (almost) and after I finish feeding and cleaning the animals I'll start my first session. No fetish gear yet (unless you count wellies!) but I'm already planning what I will be wearing for my first session of the day. Only one down side is an injury I picked up running last week, not tooo painful but might limit some of my more exotic ideas.... :-(

Fingers crossed that I can get some photos to share (haven't checked the cameras yet)

Good news and bad news

Bad news first - my dvd cam-corder software has failed and I can't get any HQ video to share... Sad

Good news - as I type I'm recovering from my 4th vacuum bag self bondage session and they've all been amazing.

I am wearing my pantyhose and pantyhose catsuit, with my favourite lycra body. I have removed my gag - wonderfully erotic by challanging for long periods and my biggest butt-plug is sitting most comfortably deep inside my ass.

....and I haven't cum yet.... Big Grin

A short break is in order, I need to take on liquids, but I'm planning something different next... Angel

My laptop camera is capturing some of the sessions, but that too is playing up so I don't know how good my images will be.

Here is a quick screen-grab to tease you all:



(13 Oct 2012, 19:37 )madjack Wrote: my 4th vacuum bag self bondage session
(13 Oct 2012, 19:37 )madjack Wrote: Here is a quick screen-grab to tease you all:
Looks good!
....Boo-hoo! Cray ...injury stops play. Sad

It was my own fault, I got carried away and pushed myself too far Blush

The sexual rush of endomorphins took over my head and I pushed myself too far.... OUCHExclamation

At 00:30 this morning I was on an un-stoppable sexual high and sooooo desperate to cum that I tried something that even if I was fully fit would have been difficult - the results where.... painful!

I knew I'd gone to far almost straight away, and today I'm just about able to get around the house (with the help of a lot of pain-killers). So no more playtime for me this weekend... Cray

But.... boy did I have fun before it all went wrong! Big Grin

I'm writing up my adventures and will be posting soon.

Here is another teaser for you all:


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