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What is your favorite way to put on latex clothing
What is the best way to put on latex clothing, and what is your favorite way of putting on latex? I have heard things from powder to jello.

o- Chlorinated latex
o- J-Lube
How much j-lube do you use?
Should I buy stock?
Not much, it's very effective. One bottle lasts for years. It depends on how often you use it and for what (e.g a pool of slime Wink )

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Agreed, J-lube is very good.
Never heard of using jello, sounds quite interesting though...I think it might work well if you made it runny enough.
I usually use Siliconöil! It is cheap! It is non allergic! It doesn't irritate your skin and doesn't make stains! You can buy it in huge amounts at ebay!
(05 Mar 2014, 20:05 )Vacbedbound Wrote: I usually use Siliconöil
I used it (Pjur) before I discovered J-Lube. The good thing that silicon oil is warm, does not quickly dry, shiny and slippery. On the other hand, it's sticky, tacky, greasy, fat, leaves shiny stains, difficult to wash away and more expensive Wink

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