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What do you get when you combine....
(28 Nov 2018, 15:25 )Tinker D Wrote: This may seem complex, here is a good backup plan.
It uses a sock and ice release like we use before, but instead of keys, it has a weight and a shorting plug like that is found on a set of headphones, or in modern times, ear buds. The plug fits in a socket that connects between the battery and the smartplug.
After the ice melts, the weight falls and pulls the shorting plug out of the socket cutting the batteries from the circuit and your free.

Off topic, but this reminds me...
Long time ago,  I've installed female 6,3mm headphone connector into my car in electric circuit of ignition. It was places sort of a hidden position at dashboard.  Pins on the male connector was  solderd together .  So  it was not possible to start the engine if you didn't   put male into female :Smile

Male conn was attached as a keychain together with my car keys. 
Effective for car security, effective for backup plan Smile .
In other words - an emergency circuit breaker Wink
The falling weight pulls the plug.
.. and we are back to the old good ice-lock ...
You bet ya