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Verical spread eagle
This session has been inspired by this picture:

[Image: selfbondage3c-160x155.jpg.pagespeed.ce.8NKi15qKIE.jpg]  

I successfully tried it in little bit modified arrangement.
Suspended by wrists (50% of weight) and crotch ropes on both sides (rest 50% of weight). Each leg bound using ice lock by rope passed through eye in column to heavy weight (5 – 10 kg) on each side. Weights are fixed in upper position and can be released by hands after fixing myself into position.
1 I stay on small block inside of vertical wooden frame with steel eyes for fixing of wrists and legs
2 I fix ropes with icelocks on legs.
3 I fasten crotch ropes (proper length set already)
4 I hang the wrists holding ropes for releasing of weights
5 I release the weights, ropes are pulling legs to columns
6  I am fully suspended by wrists and crotches unable to move up to melting of ice.
I tried it three times, when ice melted you can stand on block and release yourself. 20minutes is OK.
Last time I combined it with delayed iced enema. Great to be immobilized and filled by icy water.
Sorry for my English.
Woah! Sounds amazing! What happens with your legs when you release the weights? Do they move to the sides? I wish there were photos...

How much time did you spend suspended? Suspensions are very dangerous, especially if suspended by arms and crotch.

(04 Jan 2018, 21:12 )farao Wrote: Last time I combined it with delayed iced enema
Another whoa!!!

Oh... yes... Welcome to the forum!!! Wink
As weights I used barrels with water, after releasing weights are legs pulled to sides, of course, but not too much. Rope goes through two eyes fixed to frame. first is by the leg second in height one meter to hold barrel above floor. If you release weights and allow legs to spread it is impossible to pull them back. Suspended I spent 15 - 20 minutes, last 5 minutes with icy enema. If the body weight is shared between arms and crotch 20 minutes is OK.
(05 Jan 2018, 01:00 )farao Wrote: Suspended I spent 15 - 20 minutes
Oh, at least not an hour or something! Big Grin Yeah, that should be OK.

Just for the record:
I think it's called "harness syndrome", and if more weight is on the arms, then after some time the diaphragm stops working (don't know how this syndrome is called). Any comments from doctors?
To prevent Harness syndrome the crotch rope is used. I don't use ropes in contact with skin but textile (nylon) stripes |width 40 -50mm) or leather wrists cuffs. It is more safety. The same strips I use for simple ice lock. 80 - 100 cm of stripe fold in half, free ends put in small plastic cup with 50 - 70 ml water and put to freezer. Frozen Ice cube is removed from cup and used in the same way as Ice cube in sock. Time to release depends on size of ice cube. Textile loop is for bondage much better than rope - You feel the wide stripe on your leg. The same time release I use for horizontal spread eagle (I describe it later)
any crotch rope should be done so that there is no pressure against the femural arteries.
I had to search for that (I'm absolutely not good at anatomy)

iliac_arteries_and_veins.jpg thumbnail   
(05 Jan 2018, 21:53 )vanessa_fetish Wrote: any crotch rope should be done so that there is no pressure against the femural arteries.

You are right, therefore I combined Crotch ropes and wrists cuffs to share weight between these points.

Body weight on wrists only or Crotch only you can survive short time only without serious pain and damage.

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