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Vacuum body bag
Yeah, I know this site, but the prices on eBay are much lower, even if it's the same person.

Great video! Is it a "standard" bodycondom from cover4u or something with a vacuum cleaner connector? How easy/difficult is it to get in/out?
I recently got a vacuum bag from PVC-U-Like. If is quite cosy inside, but there are a few troubles as well.

The bag itself is made from strong but soft PVC and it covers the complete body. The head is covered too, there is a breathing pipe. Around neck and waists, there are elastics, which provide a nice "package" feeling and the bag is fairly narrow. Even if not vacuumed, it is quite restraining. You enter the bag through a short zipper wich is on the side of the lower half of the bag. My version has a two-sided zipper, which can easily be operated from inside. When closed, the zipper can be covered by a flap - to make it more air-tight. There is a T-shaped tube at the waist elastic band to connect a vacuum cleaner or another air pump.

When I got the bag, I gave it a try without vacuum. There are a few challenges when getting in, but no real problem: You need to be standing at first, because the pvc sticks to the skin, you cannot slide in. This also means, that you have to lie down without being able to see, since the hood is completely closed except for the breathing tube. The zipper goes from ankles to the knees (or a bit higher), and you have to "step" inside with your feet. It took me a while to find out the movements, that worked. Because of the waist elastic and because the zipper is down at the legs, it also needs some effort to reach and operate it. But in the end, all these challenges make you feel well packaged once you have mastered them, because you will face them again once you want to get out. It might not sound super exciting for some of you, but I do like soft PVC and this was enough for an enjoyable session.

Two days later, during the weekend, I tried the vacuum too. I have a vaccum cleaner with a long hose and a big button to switch it on and off. I connected the hose to the bag, got inside and moved around, until I could easily reach the big button of the cleaner with my head. Then I made sure, that I had a firm grip on the breathing tube in my mouth and then pressed my head against the button until the cleaner switched on. Unfortunately, it did not work as expected. The operation of the cleaner was fine, no trouble there. But I think, some material got caught in the t-tube that leads inside the bag. The bag didn't inflate completely. On a second attempt, I placed my right hand next to the t-tube and poked around with my fingers. It helped a little bit for a few moments and I got an impression of how tight this bag can feel. But this needs improvement.

Well, not perfect, but I look forward to further experiments.

In the meantime, I want to try something else (possibly tonight): I will close the t-tube with a simple cork and try to breathe out the air of the bag, probably breathe in once from the bag and once from the air pipe, to make sure, I get enough oxygen. I wonder, if this gets me some vacuum to push the material against all parts of my body. It will definitely be an immense smelly experience, which is nice, because I like the smell of PVC 😁

Apart from that, I have an idea for a simple one-way valve, letting the air out, but not in again. The design is stolen from a bicycle valve, a ball, that is big enough to fit into the cleaner-attachment, but too small to go into the t-tube. The connection is a conically shaped rubber hose, which should provide a good seal around the ball. Of course I need to put a blocking device into the cleaner attachment, to make sure that the ball isn't sucked in. The big question though is, how to open this valve later on. But I suppose, the zipper will let in air slowly and that should be good enough. I might find out during my breathing experiment tonight. Oh, and of course, there is always the option to breathe outside-air into the bag. As long as I can breathe, I can get free!

Oh, this is the bag:
Some more pictures here, although the item here is not deflatable:

Quick update: I tried to breathe out the air, and it partially worked. At first, I thought, the zipper was very leaky, but in fact, it isn't bad, as I found out later. But there is more air in such a bag as I thought and I had to keep one hand at the neck elastic, which created extra space inside the bag with air. Actually, a wider bag might be more interesting for vacuum, it could even wrap around an arm which does not touch the body. I think, I need an extra hose from mouth to underneath the neck elastic, then I can keep both arms wherever I like. I managed to "stop in time", so perhaps I can do a few more tests tonight.
Oh boy, I can sweat! I tried again, using the breath-vacuum method and I spent a considerable time in the bag. I could even see drops of water running down the inside of the hood. that was the nice part of this session. The bad part is, that inflating the bag with your own breath is iffy! It does work, no problem on that side, but if you don't intend to leave the bag instantly, prepare for a completely new sensation: The stench of your own old breath! Next time, I will simply open my mouth and let the air flow in through the breathing pipe. Only, this takes more time and you need to create some suction inside by extending your arms etc., since the air pressure outside the bag is not higher than inside, as soon as the very first bit of air got in.

By the way, I don't think, you can "outbreathe" a vacuum cleaner! It took me something like 15 breaths from my lungs to empty the bag, while the vacuum cleaner did that in about a second. And since breathing in is exactly as fast as breathing out, the vacuum cleaner will always win. But it is a good release method in case my one-way-valve will work.

PS: Actually, breathing out is slower than breathing in, the volume of the air is less due to oxidation (I think it is because of oxidation, but it definitely is smaller).

Apropos one-way-valve: This might work:

The air-pipe is a T-tube (one tube out, two tubes inside the bag, connected like a T), to which an adapter is connected. The adapter is a tube with a conical shape, small on the bag side, wider to fit around a common vacuum cleaner hose. the conical shape should be able to accomodate a ball, which is small enough to let air in and large enough to "cork" the side towards the bag, once the cleaner is switched off. This ball could be inside a nylon sock or leg of tights which is then fed through one inside of the T-tube, then held in a hand. Once the vacuum is produced, pull the sock, the ball seals the tube, cleaner can be switched off, vacuum secured. Ok, I need to find a suitable ball by tomorrow afternoon. Evening is no good, because I will be using my noisy vacuum cleaner.
I definitely want one of these bags. Either PVC or latex. Most likely latex.

I had the same idea of deflating the bag with my own breath.
Not a vacuum bag, but related:

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 balloon-bondage-mummification-01.jpg     balloon-bondage-mummification-02.jpg   
(06 May 2012, 02:46 )Like Ra Wrote: Not a vacuum bag, but related:

This reminds me of my "inescapable sauna bag". A narrow sleeping bag made from fairly thin latex, front zipper, no hood, of course perfectly escapable. However, the neck is tight enough to preserve a light vacuum. Moving the knees to the sides, like done in the second image, pulls the latex flat against torso and arms. It creates a sensation that might be similar to a huge mouth kissing your body. I really wonder, if all these vacuum ideas are related to birth memories and the like. Years ago I had a therapist and told him about some of my phantasies. With a simple test, wrapping me in a thin matress and sitting on it in various positions until I told him that I consider panicking now, he confirmed that I might have a light birth trauma...

I don't like the enclosed face. The same bag with collar and hood would be cool though! I think, the material is more stretchy and thinner than my "inescapable sauna bag".

Oh, "inescapable sauna bag" could almost be a brand name, I have seen it on ebay a lot, here it is:


Careful, the price range is huge, I think, I paid less than 50 Euros.
(11 May 2012, 21:58 )Strappado Wrote: if all these vacuum ideas are related to birth memories and the like.
I would say that any tight bondage is related to these memories. Very strange feelings... You are gagged, plugged, blindfolded, inescapably bound but still feel cosy and safe like in the womb.
(04 May 2012, 22:38 )Strappado Wrote: I recently got a vacuum bag from PVC-U-Like.
BTW, what material did you choose? 170,180,200,250µm, transparent/opaque?

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