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Bin bag / refuse sack / trash bag self pleasure

I'm new to all of this and i like to try new things to raise self enjoyment.

There is nothing like using vacuum cleaner for a really nice sucking feeling through underwear and this happens regularly but 
recently i have a real bad fetish for plastic bags you get in shops (the slippy thick ones) and bin bags , trash bags what ever people want to call them.

Just curious to know if anyone else has used these for pleasure before and also if anyone has any thick black sacks.
Welcome to the forum!

And here's the question: Where can I find large plastic bags (e.g. with length > 1.5m)? I even tried eBay and Aliexpress - nothing!
Welcome indeed.

To answer @likera the best bags I've found are Search eBay UK: matress bag - all are good on length and you can choose the width that works best for you (single, double or king... Big Grin  )

There is a down-side and that it the way the bags open - some are along the narrow (i.e. top) edge but others are along the long (side). I prefer mine to have the smallest opening (top) but even with the other type there is nothing you can't fix with a strip of duct tape! Yes

If you enjoy vacuum self-bondage you might like some of the sessions described in the self-bondage section (my own posts include this one  or maybe this one is more to your tastes, and there many more from others).

Please play safe - vacuum bondage is risky and any mistake can be fatal.

Likera, I suppose, you found plastic bags up to 1.5 m length. Why not glue together two of them for more length? With the correct combination of plastic and adhesive, the glueing is some sort of chemical welding, which is close to or even stronger than the plastic.
(01 Jul 2016, 19:35 )Strappado Wrote: Likera, I suppose, you found plastic bags up to 1.5 m length.
No, not yet

(01 Jul 2016, 19:35 )Strappado Wrote: Why not glue together two of them for more length?
You can glue PVC, but not polyethylene, most bags are made from. Polyethylene can only be welded (but not reliably).
I can find many examples on eBay that are over 1.5m - like this one:

Polythene Bag suitable for a Double / King Size Mattress

Actual Bag Size (Approx)

Width - 168cm
Length - 223cm
Depth - 54cm
Thickness - 30mu (micron)


Thank you everyone for your information on this subject. I have tried larger bags but they don't feel the same but there is something about a  polythene trash / bin bags, aslo there easy to dispose off.

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