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Vacuum Ideas
Hi Ra,

Been enjoying your site and all that goes on for a while, very good work 😊

I'm always a bit sporadic in both my own efforts and getting on-line, so apologies in advance..

I know madjack had a few issues with the thin bags, it made me think of my first experience with trying out Vacuuming - I found some industrial garbage compactor bags and promptly made off with one 😊
I'm 6'2 and you could have got about 8 of me into it! very strong too...put myself off by playing around! and discovered that I'm not too keen on having my face covered, even if there is no logical way a pipe could be blocked!

So tried a few combos of ideas, the latest one equates to...
1 digital plug timer
1 Polythene sheet 6mx2m (can get from a DIY/Garden shop, usually for ground cover)
1 pot of liquid latex mold stuff from a hobby shop
1 replacement dry-suit neck (from a diving supply shop)
duct tape
15mm plastic pipe
vacuum cleaner
this bit didn't work out too well but it's an idea
plastic T-Junction
8mm hose
inline valve from an inflatable gag
balloon (I used a condom, bit too thin)

Took my 6x2 metre sheet and cut it into two 3 metre pieces.
Created a tube by overlapping longways about 15cms and duct taping the join, turning inside out and duct taping the join.
Taped the bottom, rolled a couple of inches and taped again.
Drilled holes in a spiral up the plastic pipe (about every 10cms) leaving 30cms not drilled - cut hole in the middle of the bottom of the bag, just big enough for the pipe and, leaving 20cms outside, pushed into the hole and taped it up.
Taped the t-junction to the pipe sticking out of the bag.
Got into the bag to see where my head would be - made a mark.
Took the dry-suit neck and placed where the mark was, drew a line around it and then cut out that piece from the bag.
Used an overlap of duct tape to secure the dry-suit neck to the bag, inside and out.
Then went over all 'seals' (duct tape) with the latex mold making stuff...left to dry.
I tied a condom, balloon might work but this bit is work in progress, to the 8mm hose and then kept wrapping strips of tape around the tube to make a kind of wedge. Stuck this into the top of the t-junction. The other end of the 8mm hose I'd attached one of those inline one way valves from an old gag/plug (can't remember which).

Partly that I did not want to be able to rip the bag...I folded a duvet in to thirds and placed this into the bag around the pipe. Just wanted to make a tube of the duvet rather than fold it in half and leave a gap..

Timer nearly set and left on floor next to head of bag...

Climbed in and pulled the top of the bag in, folded this in towards the middle and used a rolling pin to roll it back towards the top - effectively rolling the top shut from the inside, if this makes sense.

Reached out of the dry suit neck and adjusted the timer and plugged that in. Pulled my arm back through and pulled the neck over my head.

Good - in and sorted - oops forgot the 8mm hose...could manage to get that into my mouth via a bit of grappling through the bag...good.

Now I had a stop watch running too...this was the idea in my head...

a) Vacuum starts, 4 mins on timer
b) watch the stop-watch....
c) when vacuum about to stop - blow on the 8mm tube...inflate the condom and no air can escape!

What atcually happened = set the vacuum for 5 mins instead of 4...blew into the tube, inflated the condom and bang it broke...doh!

Plus = tight! oh I have some 'hickies' across my shoulders which might be tough to explain! and I could not move AT ALL. As the condom broke I kept the timer on 5 mins and just popped my head back in, arm out program timer, arm in, head out...trying a few positions - holding ankles like a hogtie is mean! Getting stuck would mean I could breath easily.
Bad = I really wanted to 'get stuck' and thought that the 'out' would be simply biting the inline valve to let air back in if/when I wanted but alas..

I did try the 'duct tape hood' and have that mounted inside, instead of the dry-suit neck but didn't like the pressure on my face, I stated to panic a bit and also it didn't fit with trying to get stuck without a vacuum running - as you can grip the pipe in your teeth and let air inside via the sides of your mouth.
Also i've tried 1 way check valves instead of the t-junction but they aren't designed for air so always leak air back in. So thus the new idea above. By the way - using the liquid latex around all duct tape works well.

All of the above completed using various stages of dress...finally settled on a pair of Kunert satin look 20's and a speedo high neck swimsuit.

Sorry it is all a bit to run...
Did try to draw a pic to help explain the mess above 😊

Carry on the good work.


untitled2.bmp (Size: 371.47 KB )
Oh... Just noticed the attached image... Rereading again....
Hi SH3810733 (I bet your friends don't call you that! 😁 )

Excellent scenario and the image helped a great deal.

You seem to have solved at least one problem I'd struggled with - the use of a neck/collar to allow your head to remain 'free' outside the bag.

Ra had suggested something similar to me, but I couldn't figure out how to make it work. Your approach sounds more practical and I'll be looking into it when funds permit (having money helps with most of my fantasies....)

The ballon/condom idea as a 'valve' was also very clever, but I'm still looking for something that holds me helpless inside my vac bag until a pre-set time. Currently I use a digital timer on the vacuum, but the vacuum cleaner isn't really up to the task of running for 20-30 minutes and tends to cut out ☹ or overheat Scare3 , which is really scary as I've had two machines actually catch fire - luckily in 'normal' use

Your ideas have given me may things to think about!

Brilliant post - more please (and maybe post some photos if you can)


Photos would definitely help.
Cheers guys - you've been inspirational 😉

I thought sh3810733 was a very common name 😋

I'm going to re-do "the bag", when opportunity permits, it's been through many re-thinks! One was to use garden hose, with holes cut at intervals, instead of the plastic pipe = Good, more flexible and 'softer' if an ankle or wrist is pressured against it...Bad, after a few 'plays' it seems to lose its structure and doesn't let air out properly.

But will endeavour to take some pics to show the idea in more detail.

I know what you mean about the Vac overheating, not got as far as breaking it yet...that would be difficult to explain! but definitely gets glad you've not had a fire while playing.

It is essential for me to keep my head free, panic...not the I'm trapped kind, for me.

All in the bag setup cost about £25-£30 - £15 for the sheet, £10 for the drysuit neck seal, £5 duct tape and £5 for the plastic pipe 😊

On the re-think bit...was thinking two digital timers, a pump and bike inner tube, instead of the balloon? have the vac running for 4-5mins and then have a pump run for 1 min to inflate an inner tube inside the bag/vac tube just before the vac timer ends...thereby stopping the air escaping...oh to test now!
Maybe a smaller tube attached at the bottom of the bag...then take another piece of tube 'x' length and freeze water inside it...attach to the new tube...when the ice melts it will let the air back in?

That's it! the night is late and I'm too excited to keep, must work on pictures! I need to get my wife away on business more often too!

Speaking if emergency escape. I wonder how difficult it is to break out of a plastic/PVC sack:


I wonder too! All this music and tadaaa in the movie makes me think, this is a show and the only challenge was to hold his breath until the right moment, then straighten and break out.

Did you notice, that the bag broke on the lower end?

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