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Using a Mercury Switch
Are there any electricians out there? I'm considering modifying a simple surge protector for use in SB. My idea is to remove the standard switch, and replace it with a Mercury switch attached to a lead which can then be used in various ways to turn things on or off when you are unable to use your hands.

One idea, would be to hook the mercury switch up to a balance of some sort, with weight on one side and a plastic bag connected to a catheter on the other side. When you fill the bag, the bag goes down, the weight goes up, and you trip the switch, which can then turn on any number of things (small pump to pump fluid out of bag, electro shock, vibrators, release mechanisms) Because its a surge strip, you could plug 4 or 5 things in and really go crazy.

You could also attach one to your side, so that when you lay down, it's off, but when you sit up it turns on.

I'm going to build one, I'll let you know how it goes.

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I always wanted to try something like that. But was always lazy to actually buy the switches. My first thoughts are: vibrators and enema (see Enemalarm).

Great thread!

Ebay links for mercury tilt switches:

o- mercury tilt switches in the UK

o- mercury tilt switches in the US (then click on Business & Indistrual category)

House of Gord has some great examples of uses for mercury switches. The one I probably like the best is where he has a girl strapped to one of those things that people used back in the 80s to hang invertedf rom their feet to help stretch out their back. He uses that as a sort of balance, and forces a girl to hold herself from going vertical by her teeth (gag trainer), all the while he's adding more weight making it impossible to hold on. Finally when she let's go, the mercury switch kicks in and gives her a jolt of electricity. Here's a link to it Rubberized and Electrified

The description says her nipples are pulled when she let's go, but that's not what happens, I've seen the video..

Gord's stuff is great and I adore (I would like to see more different clothes, though) it but cannot be used alone. He's got a professional crew with strong experienced men and paramedics.

I would absolutely love to be in place of those trussed girls (but I do not like pain, so please no jolts ;-)
Totally agree on not being able to use it alone.. Although I'm not sure what you mean by different clothes (you have a typo or missing word there). While I'm not crazy about all of the stuff they wear, a large percentage of it is quite amazing....

And there's nothing wrong with a little pain if it's preceded or is followed by some kind of reward.. Wink To each his own.


Usually they use a lycra catsuit without feet and a semi-open hood. Rater boring. I would like to see more cover-all latex, leotards, shiny pantyhose. In short - more fetishy appearance.
Ohh, I have to post this G+ conversation:

Quote:David Wegmuller Yesterday 4:45 PM
I'm an electrical engineer. None of the switches shown in the eBay listings on your site are capable of handling mains power. You would need two other items: a source of low voltage (12V), either a power brick or a battery and a relay.
The relay needs a 12V coil that must use less current than the mercury switch can handle. The contact side of the relay must be rated for at least 250V AC. Its current interruption rating should be at least as much as the rating of the surge protector. You also must use wires with proper insulation and sufficient current carrying capacity. The wires inside the cord of the surge protector are an obvious source...

I'm located quite far from you (California): I recommend you find an electrician with an open mind located near you :-)

Quote:Like Ra Yesterday 6:57 PM
Of course not! It was never intended to have mains power close to the naked body. Only low amperage/voltage.

Quote:David Wegmuller Yesterday 7:45 PM
I figured you knew about the danger of electricity to humans... I was worried about the poor little switch ;-)

Quote:Like Ra Yesterday 10:22 PM
... little switch ... scorched after an electric shock... Indeed, who cares about that bound pervert clad in smoking melted down latex Big Grin

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