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Unscheduled business trip....but..
Hand luggage only...


Can't take anything 'really' fun with me, due to space/weight and security X-rays in the passenger queue.
So that eliminates most of my latex, cuffs, plugs, gags etc

May go with the tens power pack as it could be for a bad back...
A zentai and a soft rope?

Suggestions as to what I could take....
I would add a plug and a gag.
You can also have a look here: in the Business trip section
Don't fancy carrying a plug and a gag in carry on luggage while the watch it go past on the X-ray... Then stare at me standing there waiting for it!!
You just know that if one of the security team is bored, they'd have you empty the case to look at everything and for all to see!!
That means more fun! Sometimes I wear a one-piece swimsuit underneath my clothes, what puzzles the guys at the "manual control" when they feel something different between my shoulder-blades Big Grin

The security team usually does not care, they are way too tired and busy to play with your toys...
I'm thinking of going to find a nerf style foam sponge ball. This when held in place by a zentai hood or pantyhose should act perfectly well as a gag.
Gag issue solved. 65mm Childs foam tennis ball. :-D
Could you not just have bought something after you arrived at your destination?
There's no better gag than pantyhose in a condom.
Unfortunately it's a bit of a splash and dash trip.
I land .. Meeting.. Eat... Sleep..meeting.. Fly
No shopping opportunities.

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