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Two Links to Possibly Explore
Greetings there Folks.

I cared to share two links that some may have interest about. Both are related to stockings, hosiery and such related. One pretty much speaks for itself and is basically a large collection of galleries with a number of different categories. The other is a retail site that has a Forum section, a couple of different galleries and a Chat Room.

The first link would be:

listed in Google as the Vintage Stockings Archive.

This is run by Dave Jones and I've beamed a few pics to him. My interests include girlie mags from the 50's up to about the mid 70's before everything went pubic. There are a huge number of pics at his site to cater to a wide audience.

The other is a retail site offering many items for sale though I hang out at the Forum's section of which there are a few and there is a place for those with interests in pantyhose and to male members that choose to wear along with CD's, TV's, those inbetween or not quite sure yet. The home page has a number of tabs below the model.

That link would be:

aptly named Stockings HQ. The Forum is a happening place while the Chat Room is a trollers wankfest, I was there exactly once and it not my kind of place. The Forums are populated by some articulate, sincere sorts and my only advice should one choose to participate: treat all with decorum and respect. Simply, don't be crude or rude. I'm not a prude, I simply enjoy a little refinement as there is a plethora of garf readily available all over the net. The galleries are a collection of everything from typical amateurs to delightfully well taken images with seeming the majority of faceless women showing lower portions of their body. My take is that should you have the pluck to wear nice wear, why hide? And, what are the chances anyone would stumble across that site (or this) and basically, who would care?

Anyway, check them out as your inclination allows. And to be sure, I am NOT promoting a retail site, just pointing out that there is a place for intellectual discourse available. I've never purchased anything though I have directed many there and I've been around the Forums for years now.

Have fun!

The first link is fantastic (I'm not saying that the second is bad, I'm just familiar with StockingsHQ 😉. I wonder how many pictures are hosted there. Thanks Dworkin!
Hi Dworkin

What an excellent find!

I love the 'vintage' stuff - it took me right back to my earliest exposure to fetish and bondage. Ahh, fond memories of exploring the 'porn library' that the guys at work had amassed over the years (do work-places still have them I wonder? - The filing cabinet full of old copies of Penthouse, Mayfair and the like). How well I remember the thrill of finding a picture of a bound woman wearing stockings or pantyhose.... happy, happy days! 😊

Greetings there Madjack.

Very glad you are glad. Dave does have an excellent site. I don't know if guys have a "stash" anymore, I've been out of that loop for a long time and with the Politically Correct Brigades, I'd think this would have become very underground stuff. With the advent of the laptop, literature, mags and imagery (in the manner of printed photos) of the nature are considered comically archaic by any younger then it sounds like we may be. (I'm near the 60 mark). Every now and again, one stumbles across a site worth the look and Dave has done a good show.


Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
Speaking of the attached image. Look at the shine! I would say it's pretty unusual even for the modern hosiery. It's more a latex-type of shine than a nylon one.
Indeed. Those are undoubtedly plain flat knits and this pic was from a girlie slick from the mid 60's. I find her to be a fantastic model and there are a few more on file. I believe from the text associated with the pics, spare as it was along with other off the wall shots I've seen of this lass I'd say she is/was French. The bra and panties are perfect and I do prefer simple garter belts without all the fluff. This and other pics are in Dave's site, I think on the first set and in the newer sections toward the bottom as they were sent to him back in the spring and uploaded in mid summer. She does have a very wholesome cast about her, someone I would have loved chance to work with. The majority of models I had pass through were clueless. Funny how many in Life are like that...

All the Best,

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Greetings there Folks.

The following is a site that some may find interest in and I'd imagine many have probably run into already.

Vintage Stockings Archive

(Sorry, I'm not very adept at doing the hyperlink gig. Someone else is welcome to establish the link in a better manner).

This is a free site with thousands of images of varying quality with a number of categories that are pretty clearly marked. My opinion is that few here would be offended by any, perhaps polarized though that is a personal determination. Much is devoted to stockings, vintage and otherwise, lingerie and more to include a fetish section. As stated, there is some raw stuff and easy to avoid. Much like Like Ra, Dave makes this place available and I'll assume it is because he has a deep interest and expends a certain amount of effort. I'll assume that must be considerable as my cyber lack makes even simple negotiating the web a fascinating challenge. There is a blog one may post and he does accept imagery. A time ago I managed to beam off zip files (which he I admit had to walk me through).

As stated, this site may have limited interest. Take a look and make a decide for yourself.

Fine Regards,
Moved the thread to Pantyhose&Stockings forum.
Actually... Have a look at this thread:


Anyway, thanks for reminding!
Well, there it is- first hand evidence that Woodstock and The Brown Acid (along with all that 60's intake) is finally taking it's toll. Hell, I'm still waiting for my acid flashback that apparently so many experienced. I feel I was left out. Or, this could be an indication of Alzheimers but I've maintained that at least with me, would anyone know enough to see the difference? I'll go away now and try some menial mental exercises and make apology for my redundancy. The worst is, I can't even use a martini excuse so I'll blame Sunspot Activity...

With Embarrassments (in the extreme),

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