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Tree of Pain
I have what I call the Tree of Pain. It is a 6 inch by 8 inch beam about 8 foot long. I drilled 1 1/8th inch holes through it at several places and put hard wood dowels through it. For the lowest one that is stood on I cut grooves into it half way around. The other dowels get put in place for the knees, thighs. lower back, chest, arms and head.

I made a set of brackets to mount it in place from the floor and ceiling so it cannot be moved or fall.

When it is time for the session to begin I step up on the lowest dowel and strap and tie myself in. From bottom to top there is no way to be pain free. When the feet need a break, the weight gets shifted to the elbows. With the hood and ball gag you cant hear or see anything and after about 20 minutes I'm hopping around waiting for the damn ice release to drop me the keys to the handcuffs.
Could you make a picture and post it?
I'm always confused when people use inches and feet (I tie feet, I don't measure them Wink )

Sounds like an interesting place to spend some time
I will work on getting something posted, a drawing at the least. You comment made me think of a joke: How many feet are in a yard?
That depends on how many people are standing in it.
First attempt at video / photos failed. We will be working with drawings henceforth.
Tree of Pain.jpg thumbnail    OK as promised here is a rough drawing of my tree of pain.
The post is a beam that is the appropriate length so when it is stood upright it goes from ceiling to floor perfectly. When it is secured in its brackets it cannot fall or be knocked over. The wooden dowels are hard wood and are placed so the lowest one is to be stood on (with your back to the post) and the rest are set for my body length. Back of the knees, thighs, top of the buttocks, small of the back, chest, shoulders, neck, head and one above my head. I have holes for the dowels drilled about 12 cm apart so I can put them where they work best. This thing always leaves me tired and weak in the knees.
I've still no clear picture how it works and how you are tied down to this construction.
What you see in the drawing would be behind you. Step up onto the lowest rung and attach ropes or straps wherever feel best. Elbows can be hooked over the appropriate rung and secured for what ever works for you.

Its not called the Tree of Pain for nothing, I've only used it 4 times or so in the past year and a half.
(19 Dec 2014, 02:56 )Old Timer Wrote: What you see in the drawing would be behind you.
Aha, I was thinking "behind" or "in front"... Wink
I can see how it would work.
Of the beam is long enough, you could stand on the second or third rung.
Then start at the third rung, and with rope, lash yourself to the pole.
When you finish with your rope work, just handcuff your hands behind you or in front away from the final knot.

I hope your release key is theatherd to you somehow.
"Aha, I was thinking "behind" or "in front"... Wink "

I think its all about what feels good, whether one is tied facing it or in front of it should be based on what will feel and stimulate you the best at that time. Something that feels good to me may not feel good for anyone else. That is why I think its good to keep things general.

If I were ten years younger I would attempt to hook my knees over one of the upper rungs and tie myself upside down on it ( ah who am I kidding if I were 11 years younger Big Grin )

I thought at one time I might like to incorporate a strappado type tie using an ice lock and a weight while on the tree of pain. We might still go there yet.