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These boots are made for...
Hey all,

I've thinking about this for a while now, but just can't find a way to make it really work.

The basic idea: Being bound, but nog gagged so you can use your mouth.
Since i, and i think more people will, like boots very much and have loads off them i would like a way to have to smell, lick and work my way to several pairs in order to get free.

Now the million dollar question: How.. ?

I've thought off melting chocolate in them, stick the key in it, let it harden en pull the zip up. That way you would need to find a way to pull the zip down, get your nose and mouth in and start licking the chocolate to lick your key free.

But that may not be the best or most exciting way. Maybe you now sone more kinky or difficult but do-able ways ? As long as your way to freedom has to do with adore/lick/smell or what so ever on boots, post it please Smile
Still looking for something or someway to do this.
Doesn't need to be exacly like that, but just some boot cleaning or worship whilst bound. 
Without the need of another person. 
If it could be in some sort of way to get release it would be great. It isn't a must.
All I can think of is a shoe gag:

shoe_gag.jpg thumbnail   

but I have no idea how to implement the self-bondage release mechanism based on it. But you can check the deep-throat related threads for some inspiration.
Yeah, its kind of difficult to find something to fit my wishes and ideas Wink
i have an idea, that might work, but requires some electrics and programming...
if you place some micro-switches inside the shoe, you should be able to press them if you lick hard enough. i think, a shoe-stretcher would work great to keep the switches in place.
With a little program, you can count how often the switch is pressed and act upon that. Release could be with an electro-magnet. Using several switches, you could even distinguish which area of the shoe is licked...
Sounds like a fun project! I think I might find time next week to try that!
sometimes you don't see the easiest solution, even if it's in front of you...

so, I tried holding a small switch inside a boot and press it with my tongue and it works great. But mounting them inside would get quite complicated.
Then I though about using something like conductive yarn or tape, but you would need to modify the shoes and lick the tape instead of the leather...

prize question: what has a form that fits inside a shoe, has buttons, is cheap and easily available?
answer: a computer-mouse!

i tried it and it works great! now writing a little program that counts clicks and maybe requires a certain pattern is easy...
Very intresting! Keep up me posted ^^
I have finished a simple prototype...
I started a thread over at boundanna, since there are other developers around. I hope, Likera doesn't mind me linking it here...
(15 Aug 2017, 13:57 )occorics Wrote: I hope, Likera doesn't mind me linking it here
Of course, not! Please duplicate the posts here, just in case. I prefer to have everything in one place. And backed-up.
To set everything up, you insert a computer-mouse into a boot with the buttons located under the tip. Make sure, you can click them through the leather.
I assume, the sub is bound in a way, that the boots can only be reached with the tongue (don't forget an emergency release!)

The software looks like this:
Bildschirmfoto_2017-08-15_13-04-49.png thumbnail   

You can enter the number of required ©licks and choose if the buttons must be clicked alternating.
Release is by an external program. It can be a cmd-line, script or executable.
Once the Start button is pressed, the window will maximize and catch all clicks until the counter reaches 0. Then the release is triggered.

Multiple mice can be used, but I didn't find an easy way to distinguish between them, yet.

Download link:

To start it, you must have Java installed (
Then you start gradlew.bat (Windows) or gradlew (Linux, Mac). It will download some dependencies on the first run...

Since I'm using Linux, I couldn't try other OS, but it should run on every platform where Java is available.

There's currently a discussion about more acurate ways to detect licking. I'll update here with results...

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