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The smell of new pantyhose/tights
This may sound very strange, but....

Why don't all pantyhose/tights smell the same when you first open the packet?

I ask because once, long ago, the smell of a pair of brand new (never worn) tights was almost enough to class as an EOTD all on its own. However my recent purchases, especially those from China, don't smell the same or if they do, not a strongly as my memory recalls.

As an experiment (all scientific.... not! Wink ) I've compared 4 recent purchases.

All are brand new, 2 are knowingly from China and 2 brought in the UK (. None are major brands (I seldom, if ever, buy brands anyway, preferring 'cheap and cheerful' for my fetish fun).
3 came in plastic bags and 1 in a cardboard box.

The 2 from China came in bags and smelt faintly, but not the 'nylon' smell I recall from my youth. The smell I did get was vaguely 'chemical' though not unpleasant.

The plastic bagged UK tights smelt of nothing at all - which is odd, as you would image some odour would be present.

Only the cardboard boxed tights had the faintest hint of what I would call 'nylon' (interestingly they are marked as '100% nylon' - but not where they are made)

Has anyone else noticed a change in the aroma of their favourite 'naughty nylon' purchases?

Is it simply that the manufacturing process and material has changed over the last 10-20 years?

I don't think it's about the material or dye. Some companies "impregnate" the nylons with a some kind of deodorant. Try a cheap Italian brand. Golden Lady, Omsa, SanPellegrino, Levante or similar. But not those that made from 100% polyamide.
'Ahem' indeed.

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I don't know about the smell, but for me, it's the feel as I rub my hands all over my nylon coated legs that puts me over the edge.

But some of the hoes I bought never seems to feel the same. Some have a softer feel than others of the same brand, Den and size.

Am I wrong?
hey tinker...we are talking about the smell..

touching nylon legs is a diffrent story.

i say dubidubidu christmas is coming...yeah
I have a cold, I can't smell that well, but I'll give it a go.
But if want your hoes to smell sexy, spray it with your favorate fabric spray.
Just a thought.
Yes, I know this thread is about the smell of new pantyhose, but this thread can also apply to the feel of new pantyhose as well.
So, are we talking about NEW pantyhose, or what?
(14 Dec 2014, 06:44 )Tinker D Wrote: But some of the hoes I bought never seems to feel the same. Some have a softer feel than others of the same brand, Den and size.
Of course they all are different. Look, fit, touch, smell, taste Wink

(14 Dec 2014, 16:54 )Tinker D Wrote: are we talking about NEW pantyhose, or what?
Yes, only new ones.
Taste? Do you taste pantyhose before you buy them?
Maybe roll them into a ball and if they'll make a good gag?
I wonder if anyone bought New soggy pantyhose?
Oh this is just too much fun.

Talking about the smell of new hoes, ever open a pack only to find out that those new hoes stink?