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The Maid Store
Time for my semi-annual emergence from lurking. 😅

You like pink? You want pink stuff? I've recently happened upon a variable treasure trove of such things that can be bought and customized.


Mostly PVC, leather, and satin. Not much latex. Doubt there will be much complaining about that, though. The amount of stuff they have at actually reasonable pricing (not overly expensive, but not AliExpress cheap either) is amazing. Clothes, shoes, restraints, all with many options in variable shades of pink.

Huh. I wonder if 50 shades of pink is a thing...? 🤔

The customization service is the first of it's kind that I at least have ever seen. Make an account, fill out a measurement profile, and those measurements can be applied to damn near anything you order. They do have a disclaimer about it not being available for extremely overweight people. I'm personally sticking mostly to arm and leg restraints that aren't much affected by my extra layers. You lot, though, seem quite a bit more fit than I am given some of the pics I've seen. 😉

Actually searched the forum and was shocked this URL hadn't been dropped before, especially over in the crossdressing forums. In any case, have at.

I really need to lurk less. Gotta make some adjustments before I can do so...
also known as theSissyStore, and a few others. They're all the same but different main page really. I've bought a few things from them. What I like best is the option to have the clothing customized. Some prices are a bit ludicrous though. I don't recommend their footwear though, sizing is off a tad. And unless you wear a womans size 9 or less the fit won't be good.
(20 Apr 2020, 15:14 )NeoPhoenixTE Wrote: Actually searched the forum and was shocked this URL hadn't been dropped before, especially over in the crossdressing forums. 

I've ordered from them before. These shoes were custom and turned out very nice. My next pair, the size was too big even though I used the same measurement (43, or 11 women's US) The clothing material is pretty good and the double-lined satin is heavenly. I would give them a B+ to A- overall. This blouse came from them.
 blouse_pink - Copy.jpg   
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