Like Ra in latex catsuit, latex mask and high heels
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The Mad Hatter.
Catasta Charisma's You-Tube channel is always interesting but he's excelled himself with this 'Mad Hatter' costume[my-youtube width=425 height=344]

I do like the flared trousers. My red 'Britney' catsuit has flared legs and the loose rubber flapping about is a very interesting and different experience. I've never worn it over a tight catsuit as Catasta does though, must try that sometime...

I wonder what lube he uses? He obviously gets through a lot of it 😁
Interesting that you've mentioned "the loose rubber". I've never had any loose rubber garment except a bodybag, but was always curious how it feels. Thin loose latex. I've seen once a long dress made out of 0.15mm latex. Very sensual feeling. Tried "with hands only", though.
I'm working towards my 'ultimate fetish outfit'. It involves a skin-tight and zipless lightweight catsuit of transparent latex being worn under a much heavier black rubber one one that's only tight fitting at its wrist and ankle cuffs and waist-belt 😉 Think of

There are lots of 'accessories' I still need of which will be a helmet from 'Rubbers Finest' with prescription lenses as I usually wear eye-glasses. Ouch, that will be expensive.

Quote:I've seen once a long dress made out of 0.15mm latex.

I have a gun-metal grey rubber 'cheong-sam' style dress, it's ...interesting. Also a black rubber full length 'wrap-around' skirt with a heavy 'corset-style' waist-band. I'd love a full-skirted dress like this...
...but the 'ultimate fetish outfit' is a higher priority.

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