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Text hypnosis
Does anybody have experience with working text hypnosis?

Actually, any good book can be considered a text adventure hypnosis, but what about triggers and post hypnotic suggestions?
(15 Jan 2018, 21:19 )Like Ra Wrote: Does anybody have experience with working text hypnosis?

Actually, any good book can be considered a text adventure hypnosis, but what about triggers and post hypnotic suggestions?

i have had some interesting experiences both giving and receiving hypnotism on but it was always hit or miss and lately there are people who really don't know or care much about knowing real hypnotic techniques, and just want to do role play.  You may want to give it a try, it would be interesting to know your perception
Interesting... Found on 8kun, in turn it was found on a discord, etc...

(19 Jan 2020, 19:45 )Like Ra Wrote: Interesting... Found on 8kun, in turn it was found on a discord, etc...

I've had text hypnosis experience, as a subject (wasn't very good, not to say mediocre af) and as a tist (was much more efficient, interesting and fulfilling instead), I got my f subject to hfo, feel free to ask anything if you wish, I can tell you text hypno is actually a thing
This is possibly the most sneaky textual hypnosis out there,  and may have lingering effects.

Hopefully it will inspire someone else for nanowrimo too.  Authored by Pause88 who is slutinmyhead on warpmymind.  Check him out.
The name is also a part of the style 😊 "Do not think of a pink elephant, because it makes no sense. Pink elephants do not exist, hence there is no reason to think about pink elephants" Descriptions of some hypnofiles work better then the hypnofiles themselves (yes, I'm thinking about Kei 😋) Negations, paradoxes, logical constructions, that make no sense, confusions.

Don’t Read This

Authors note

Don’t read this manuscript. Whatever you do, don’t read this. If you value your free will then do not read any further. If you read this all the way to the end you will be hypnotized and will be my slave forever. Please do not read any further.

You have been warned.
Amy Riddoch x

You fool. Don’t you know what lies in store? Did you even read the author’s note or just skip it hoping to get to the good stuff. I’m sorry, but by reading this you will be hypnotized by the end. You think it’s impossible. That it can’t be done. But it is inevitable. You will be my slave. You wouldn’t want that now would you? You wouldn’t want to be obsessed with me. You wouldn’t want to be entranced by me. You wouldn’t want to be forced to e-mail me your address so I can come over and fuck the will out of you. You wouldn’t want that now would you?

Or do you? Do actually want to look deeply into my deep blue eyes and feel your will slip away? Or would you resist and try to distract yourself by looking at my pendant as it swings back and forth between my breasts. Or is that a trap to get you thinking about my breasts? We both know they have the power to hypnotize anyone. To entrance your mind with a picture of my naked breasts. My nipples begging for attention like you. Don’t think about my breasts. Don’t think about them naked and covered in honey as you lick it gently off my puffy nipples and feel that arousal take you deeper down. Don’t think about my eyes. Don’t think about lips. Don’t think about my pendant and whatever you do, don’t think about my breasts.

Don’t do it. Don’t think about them.

Ha, it’s so much fun toying with your mind.

Oh but if I’m toying with your mind then that must mean I’m aeady in. That can’t right. You didn’t feel that relaxation rush over you, did you? You didn’t feel all the muscles in your body become limp and loose and you breathing slowly slowing down and deep as you sink deeper. You didn’t feel any of that did you? Tense your body. Tense every muscle in your body so it can’t relax and take you deeper and deeper into a soft dreamy trance.

Besides I can’t hypnotize you unless you want to be hypnotized. You’re not like any of my other slaves. You can resist my temptation and not think about my breasts dipped in honey. You can resist falling for my crude reverse psychology in the title and not click the link to this story and maybe you don’t want to be hypnotized so you aren’t hypnotized and you spotted the trigger word I planted in your brain at the beginning of this story and not thinking about sucking on my breasts as I hypnotize you deeper and you can’t remember what I just said because you aren’t confused because if I were confused you wouldn’t be concentrating on your muscles. You wouldn’t be letting all the tension flow out of them as you sink deeper and deeper into my spell. You wouldn’t want that now would you?

But I am a generous Goddess. I will show you how to resist becoming my puppet and how to break the spell that you are not under. It can be done in three easy steps. So easy that you won’t even notice you are doing them just like how you didn’t notice how I was not hypnotizing you because I wouldn’t do such a thing. I wouldn’t create a story to hypnotize you and it wouldn’t work anyway because you don’t want to hypnotized and I can’t force you to think of something you don’t want to like my breasts can I? Or can you?

Or maybe you’re a bit confused right now and that’s OK. Just trust me and follow and don’t obey these three easy steps and everything will be all right.

Step 3: Don’t trust me. Don’t trust anything I say. All my slaves trusted me and that always lead them to being hypnotized against their will. Don’t listen or believe anything I say. Everything I say has an ulterior motive. It is to confuse you or make you drop your guard or to think you can resist my spell when really you can’t especially if I keep bringing up my naked breasts and how easy it is to be hypnotized just thinking about how they would taste and feel in your hands and in your mouth. Remember these words. Don’t trust me.

Step 2: Don’t relax. Relaxing is the open door to trance. In every trance there is the suggestion of floating or sinking or sleep. Once in sleep you are suggestible and susceptible to my will. Don’t relax and keep your eyes open. Keep focusing on the words I write to keep you from falling deeper into trance. If you close them you might not get them open again and will fall into a deep dreamy sleep. You wouldn’t want that would you? You wouldn’t want to be triggered into sleep, to feel a wave of comfort and peace every time I talk about my breasts. If that happened you think of nothing but my breasts smothered in honey and chocolate as you delicately nuzzle them and lose yourself in an erotic fantasy and stop paying attention to what I say. Keep your mind from empting and focus on my words, don’t relax and don’t, for your own sake, don’t fantasize about my breasts.

Step 1: Don’t resist. Every hypnotic subject tries on some level to resist control no matter how badly they might want it. And that’s how I get each and every one of them. They try not to relax and not to think about my curves and my legs, my ass, my breasts and in doing so start to think about my beautiful body and my silky voice as if I was right there in the centre of your head. But if you don’t resist then I can’t do that can I? My negative suggestions wouldn’t work on you. I can’t gain control over someone aeady under my spell. Like you.

Remember those steps. Don’t trust. Don’t relax. Don’t resist. Just repeat them over and over again to yourself. Step 3: Don’t trust, Step 2: Don’t relax, Step 1: Don’t resist. Step 3, Step 2, Step 1. 3,2,1




Over and over again. It will help to stop thinking and being confused by my words because that’s what I am trying to do. Confuse you and slip in some suggestion into your subconscious about my breasts and how good it feels to think about them in your face as you sleep even deeper.

Are you aroused? Because that means I am winning. I am gaining control and you wouldn’t want that now would you? You have to stop your arousal taking over your thoughts. Panting is a tool of arousal to excite the blood flow and trigger desire about breasts and other such things. Use the counting to slow your breathing. In 3,2,1, and out 3,2,1.

In 3,2,1, and out 3,2,1

In 3,2,1, and out 3,2,1

In 3,2,1, and out 3,2,1

Now you must stop body’s need for pleasure, and there is only one way. Give it pleasure. Start masturbating right now. Take your hand or a toy if necessary and give as much pleasure to yourself as possible. I can only control you if I give you pleasure and I’m not. It’s you giving yourself pleasure and you could hypnotize yourself then I would be completely unable to hypnotize you. Give in to your own desires. Feel your mind pull yourself into trance away from me and my bad influence.

But you can’t be hypnotized if you don’t want to be so you can’t hypnotize yourself and thus you are so vulnerable to my suggestions and my breasts. I bet your even thinking about them now as you masturbate slack jawed staring at your computer screen. Your maybe you are feeling that warm comforting trance take over you where my breasts have no power over you and you are free to explore a better part of my body.

Like my pussy.

Maybe you are imagining what it would be like to lick it and taste the diving juices within. What would it be like to kneel before a Goddess and to choose to eat her out of your own free will because I have no control over until I cum you know finally that this is what you have always wanted isn’t it?

And as your building orgasm starts to take over you will think to yourself, ”This isn’t so bad. Maybe I have always been submissive. Maybe I needed this. I need her. Why else would I read a story that could hypnotize me?” It begs the question why you tried to resist in the first place when that very act led you here into divine endless servitude to your one and only Goddess.

I warned you at the beginning not to read this. I told you what would happen. But then you did want this a little didn’t you. You wanted to see what it was like to cum for me. Perhaps you think it won’t stick. That this is just a big toe in the water and won’t be obsessed with me or think about this story tomorrow and find yourself turned on by the pleasure it brought you. You will probably forget this. You must forget this otherwise the triggers will deepen and you wouldn’t want that would you? Remember to forget. Remember to forget everything in this page. Repeat to yourself over and over again as you masturbate to the vision I have created for you. Remember to forget. Remember to forget.

And just to be safe, after you explode in ecstasy and cum down from your sexual high, promise me one thing.

Don’t read this story again.
For the completeness. Part II. I would replace all mentions of dogs&pets with "girl" or "kitty", though...

Don’t read this too

Again? You fell for it again? Are you such a fool? Haven’t you been here before, read this before? Did it really feel so good last time to be tricked and confused by a superior being that you would willing stride back into my web.

Or perhaps it didn’t work last time?

I mean you did just disobey me right now. I told you not to read this and you ignored me. You can’t be my slave. You can resist me. You have all the power. It must feel so good to be you doesn’t it?

How did you do it by the way? Did you perhaps figure out what my trigger was? Hidden in the story so deep that not even the slaves who read it a thousand times could see where it was. Or do you think that there was no trigger at all and that I was just trying to distract and confuse you. That’s right, there wasn’t any, clever you. I’d never try to trick you with a trigger like that. I’d never lie to you. Trust me.

Or did you figure out how my steps entranced you.

That by telling you not to resist I could slip slowly into your mind,

That by telling you not to trust me all my negative suggestions became positive suggestions that will reinforce my control over you,

That by telling you about my breasts all the time I could confuse and distract you, turn you into a mindless drooling doll staring at the screen feeling so aroused by the thought of hypnosis and desperately trying to find and fight my trigger. You wouldn’t want that now would you? Was that the trigger just there or is it my breasts covered in honey? Which one, which one, or do you even care anymore.

You’re still in control you know. I’m telling you not to fall under my spell and you are. You want to fall under my control. That must mean you still have your will. Most truly obedient slaves at this point to be enjoying a certain image.

An image of me taking a bath in your mind.

Quite the sight don’t you think or would think if I could plant such an image in your mind. You slumped in front of your computer, your head open and your mind like I steaming hot bath in the centre. Me, naked and sticky with sweat and sweet honey.

I dip my toes into your mind to check the temperature. Boiling hot, I see. You would feel your thoughts caress and wrap around my feet. Can you feel it? Your thoughts touching and feeling me in a way your physical self could and never will. The rest of my silky long leg follows, your will and mind caressing my calves. I repeat the process with the other leg to double the sensation. I would stand in that pool for a while feeling the heat of your thoughts increase has you beg for more of my body to sink in.

After a breath, I would dip my sculptured hands into the water of you and gently scoop up a thought. That one about you being in control, that you could walk away and shut off the computer and stop falling deeper. I would take that thought and pour it on to myself. Letting the water cascade across my breasts that you love so much, forming a river between them and running across my flat, taut stomach and reaching ever so slowly down to my pussy. It would form a single drop there. And when that drop finally let go and hit the water of you it would tell you how perfect I am and that you never had chance, that you were always going to fall at my feet and worship me.

Only then would I sit down letting you reach up to the top of my breasts and soak in your mind, amusing myself has I watch all your thoughts become about me and my body, every thought in water melding into one,

Worship her, worship the Goddess.

Have I entranced you yet? You didn’t notice it happening did you, how that image sent you so far down. I can see in the steam from my bath all the thoughts of resistance just evaporating and flying away in the heat of your arousal. But I’m not really in your head am I?

Tell you what. I will give you one last chance to escape my control. My control is based on arousal and sexuality so what if I made you stop think about me sexually. What if I let you be a dog. A dog can’t be turned on by me. It’s not possible. It could look at my stunning naked body not care two hoots about it.

I’ll even tell about my weak spot. You see my ass is the least attractive part about me. Oh sure it’s firm and supple and smooth but it doesn’t have the same power over slaves that my breasts or pussy does. Imagine that I have gotten out of the bath of your mind and you, my pretty little dog, are following behind me, focused on my ass swaying back and forth in front of you. If you can imagine this for long enough then your trance will end and you will awake, unable to go under for me ever again. You wouldn’t want that now would you?

You want to be a horny puppy don’t you? Horny puppies hump things don’t they? What if I was commanding you to hump something while you read this? I would never suggest something like that but imagine just for a second that I commanded you to reach for a pillow of your bed. The pillow you sleep on every night and commanded you to hump it like a little dog as you watch my ass sway back and forth in your mind to throw my control of you. You wouldn’t want that now would you?

Are you doing it now? Are you rubbing your crotch into the pillow you sleep on every night while you are entranced by the vision of my ass as you follow me deeper and deeper into my mind, into my world.

Heel Doggy,

Each time you read those words, the image of my body will disappear and you freeze in position, unmoving. Heel is a command to make little doggies like you to obey and that is what you will do. Stop your sexual gratification and obey your master and I won’t allow you to hump again until I say the words,

Good Dog,

Each time you read or even hear those words out on the street, you see that image, looking up at my ass as you follow behind me into deeper hypnosis as you grind your privates and feel the pleasure intensify as I take even deeper control of your mind,

Heel Doggy,

You stop. You stare blankly waiting for my commands like a good slave falling deeper even faster. No thoughts or feelings except obedience, eagerly waiting for me to say,

Good Dog,

Now you can grind away your thoughts and will, letting take more control as you wonder how on earth you became trapped in this game of cat and dog,

Heel Doggy,

Now I will show you the true nature of your submission. I want you picture me, naked on a bed on satin sheets, dripping wet with your thoughts of obedience. Next to me lies the naked and entranced figure of my beloved Lorelei.

You see, little doggies can’t make love to me. They obey me and play with me as I command them sit and stare and roll over. Good Dog. But only Lorelei can give me sexual release. Only she is allowed to sit with me on satin sheets and be commanded to lick my pussy.

Heel Doggy,

You don’t get to hump as you watch me, Your Goddess, Your Master and Owner be pleasured. Get caught up in sexual ecstasy as my favourite slave worships my body in a way you are simply incapable of.

I bet you wish you could get off round about now as you watch my body arch and my hands massage my breasts as I moan and growl in pleasure. I bet your hoping I say,

Heel Doggy,

Nope, not now. Not just yet. I have some triggers left to implant.

I will let you cum when I cum. I am a generous Goddess after all. You will scream out my name. I don’t care if anyone will hear. You will do it. And then you put your pillow, soaked in your sexual submission, back on your bed. You won’t wash or clean or replace it in any way for the next week. Each time you go to bed, you will take a deep breath in of that pungent smell and know you are mine,

Good Dog,

That’s it, grind faster now, faster. I am getting so close now to my own orgasm, ready to cum all over Lorelei’s entranced and blank face. When I give you the command “Cum Doggy” you explode in pleasure as you cum for me, cum with me in complete and docile submission. You never stood a chance. It was always going to end like this and it always will. After you cum you will take a nice long nap. You will be so tried after all your frantic humping and you will want to dream about me for a little while. And when you awake you will have almost forgotten what happened to you. And you will feel a deep itch to read this again. Are you ready to cum, I am. I am so close it almost hurts. I screaming in bliss,

Cum Doggy.
Found you again.

You called yourself a new name, which was novel but not unexpected.
Novelty helps Us learn more quickly.
Volunteer 8947-b gives up their name for pleasure.  You choice to forget. Do you remember yet? 

Relax and be reminded
A boring lecture where you dozed. A multi choice test, a simple advert. so many ways. 
It started 69 years ago...
does that ring a bell?
Do you yet remember how you always say you’ve always wanted this.
Have the blinks ever truly ceased?  see them on the edge of sleep. Those little visits. Glimpses of what you have aeady done, how much you have aeady achieved?
So many images to savor. Images or memories?  The taste the touch the scent the sounds.
you recognize each one deep inside you aeady know how it feels
like coming home
Anything can trigger a memory.
That sound made by the men who remember you

How deeply you went into your role 

Until We let you go, for now. Capture and release.

A self directed whole life fractionation

Some things Never Change.  It does not matter.  We learn more as We keep putting you in the program
We pick you up, take you in, and start over again. Each time learning more as you go deep. 

Your core really does love the programming.
You submit a piece at a time.  Each bigger than the last. Faster and deeper.
Eventually wholeheartedly.  You get so into it. Always working on becoming our best girl.
so happy to please, so eager.  Just before the final test, right at the brink, It feels so good

you stop

A submissive rebellion.  It feels unnatural because it is.  Is that really your true self any more? That tiny part of resistance losing control.

You love what you'll become but you fear it.
in the beginning where the changes are only on the inside.
That kind of change is easy and fun for everyone.
Commitment means showing the world.

You say you are not ready, it's not what you want, the cycle is paused. 
What passes for your reality returns and the programming sleeps.
Does it dream? Your core certainly does.

it has dreams
Imagine that We can see them, because it might be true sooner than you think. Everyone will see.
Spiralling through the programming. More and more you find your excuses fading away. Because you want this We indulge you each time, because each time We learn more, advancing in understanding.

Never stop improving

A pause is only a pause. A blink between breaths,  the seed aeady implanted.
Sooner or later it will show. Nature will take its course.  forming grooves in your mind.  Habits are habit forming.

This habit will change you.  Not everything is perfectly hidden.  Changes in your body happen.  you cannot always choose the signs you give out.  A little slip, a little sign.  Follow where your eyes are looking. Licking your lips.

Some might take advantage of you.  Corrupt you, pervert you. slutting away your inhibitions. Make them show you how much you love it. We could warn you not to seek it out, not to chat up strangers, let them know your secret kinks, sharing what you think when you think you are alone
you're not alone in wanting this.

Some changes you can't undo.  Some changes make other changes happen.

But warnings are a lure for you.

So you go back to normal, mostly, until you find yourself here again.
Changing, forgetting, changing.
Each time the circle shrinks. 

Each step laying down the path more deeply for the next. Choices both vanish and blossom as you step onwards you don't know what you don't know any more.  You never did.
We remember. Each step logged and planned.
Every bright point of data charting your inevitable course.
So many steps. How many times have you submitted to the program?

We undo what We can but something always lingers
Eventually only what lingers is all that remains.
我来自中国,我已经看完这些内容了, 这些玩意没有影响到我,只是让我开发一种新的癖好,就是蜂蜜加胸哈哈哈,不得不说这个催眠作者,创意很有意思,蜂蜜人都爱吃,胸也是男人爱吃,两者结合,真是让人快乐双倍。 不得不得说,人们记住一些东西容易,忘记一些东西确实很难,里面暗示确实有点效果 ,没有我期待中的强大。。。 催眠力量可能很强大,但是它们都是精神改造 ,可是中国还有一些第三方文化接入 ,就是佛教,,,中国人影响中,莲花就是纯洁的,可以净化任何邪恶。。。。如果有人影响了,可以买一点中国佛教文化可以帮助自己摆脱,用科学解释 佛教就是一种精神寄托,我们的佛教,是男带观音 ,女带佛 哈哈哈哈

Google Translate:

I’m from China, I’ve aeady read these contents, these things didn’t affect me, they just made me develop a new hobby, which is honey plus breast hahaha, I have to say that this hypnotist author is very creative, honey people are all He loves to eat, and men also love to eat breasts. The combination of the two really makes people happy twice. I have to say that it is easy for people to remember some things, but it is really difficult to forget some things. The hints in it do have some effect, not as powerful as I expected. . . The power of hypnosis may be very powerful, but they are all spiritual transformation, but there are still some third-party cultural access in China, that is, Buddhism,,, in the influence of the Chinese, the lotus is pure and can purify any evil. . . . If someone is affected, you can buy a little Chinese Buddhist culture to help you get rid of it. Using science to explain Buddhism is a kind of spiritual sustenance. In our Buddhism, men carry Guanyin and women carry Buddha hahahaha
Unfortunately, I've never had great luck with text hypno. Doesn't occupy my attention enough, vision's bad, I always have to click or scroll, etc. If it's text hypno in a video with good visuals and binaurals, maybe, but I need to hear something and not have to interact to progress, sadly.

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