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These metal handcuffs cannot be opened without a key
These metal handcuffs cannot be opened without a key

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Taking advantage of the rainy season
It is a while ago, that I thought about public self bondage. These days, I am enjoying a new pvc cape which looks quite average to someone without a fetish. It is not as wide as the normal ones for bicycles though and it has no openings for the hands, and it is long enough to conceal a lot, while still short enough to pass as a bicycle rain cape. To top this off, I am awaiting a parcel with rain pants and a hooded pvc bomber jacket. The jacket is pink, and so I definitely have to wear two hoods or do a very good cross dressing job and keep my mouth shut - man with pink plastic hood - no good! But I think, cross dressing is for later, perhaps in a different town and without any bondage (read on to find out why).

Underneath the cape, I want to wear another cape, because I think it is slightly see-through. It also makes it look a bit more bulky, and people might think that there is a backpack on my back, instead of my arms - I am going to use handcuffs or another lockable device (that I don't have).

The basic idea is to dress up, leave the keys to the cuffs at home, perhaps lock the lock of the outer door, so I can get in quickly later. Then start to walk away from home, perhaps 10, 15 minutes, perhaps longer. Finally use the cuffs to tie my hands to my back - inescapably until I am back home.

The better idea is a bit over the top, I think. I would like to do this during the day with people around me. I am convinced that if I find someone to go with me, I would do it - keys still at home, the friend wouldn't be able to free me. In that case, I would add a gag and a scarf to conceal the gag, I wouldn't want anybody to notice my special situation. Furthermore, it would probably not be hand cuffs but the armbinder bolero, which is lockable too. I only have to find a way to lock the zipper as well, the handle has a tiny hole only and a padlock wouldn't go through that. Well, with a second person, lots of things are possible in public... For the moment, I have to stick with simpler ideas.

My main concern with such scenarios is to be seen by someone who knows me, so it will take place late night. Of course, I could use a car, drive elsewhere and leave the cuff keys in the car during the walk. But I know that my area is pretty safe, the main crime is breaking and entry and shouting for help would be effective, while I have no clue what could happen in a nearby forest or unknown streets. You can't even run properly with hands tied. I might try to "introduce" the cape to my neighbours first - or rather another one, which is yellow as well, but suited for riding a bicycle. The one I want to use isn't wide enough and too long - but not extremely long. People will probably think that it is the same when seeing me without the bike - I won't stay around until they can have a closer look. In the past, I have made a walk in handcuffs and an ordinary cape and even met a person that I knew. This was less iffy, I had the keys with me and completely normal clothes underneath the cape. It was still quite a weird feeling, especially when he wanted to shake hands. I sort of talked my way out and left quickly because I had no time to find the keys 😉

PS: I might try to take a few photos of me in my cape, so you can tell me if it looks any special (both, bound and unbound - I won't tell you which is which). I only need to find a camera with a remote control or timer first.

PPS: Perhaps I will add something for when I come home. There won't be an opportunity to come during the walk, so the real bondage could start here. I will think about this.

PPPS: I hope, it isn't too cold for this idea yet, pvc is not winter proof and I don't want to spoil it with other additional clothes.
Looks like a lot of fun, think the rain will give a different feeling than when it nice and warm outside.
But i think it will be a nice feeling 😁

Thinking of trying this one soon 😊
The weather doesn't allow me to dress as intended. I wanted to wear pvc only, but pvc doesn't have any warming effect. I even tested lycra/pvc pants, two pvc jackets and two capes with warm boots (cold feet are the worst that can happen, it projects the cold to the rest of the body). This is nice at home (20°C), but outside, we have 0°C and snow is announced.

My new plan is a pvc inside layer - jacket and pants, plus panties, then regular jeans and a warm sweater or the like, down coat with detached hood and two capes. Of course socks and warm boots. Like this I will enjoy pvc on my body and head and still be warm.

By the way, I noticed that my original outfit doesn't have any pockets and it might be good to carry a little bit of money, ID card and house keys with me, just in case I run into a police patrol that finds me suspicious. Eventually, I will buy one of these camper purses for this purpose.

This weekend is short, but I want to do a test walk this or next Saturday night - without bondage.
Let us know how it went 😉
For apparent reasons (heavy winter) I have to postpone this project. Now I need ideas on "how to take advantage of the winter season with slippery streets and temperatures below 0°C". I don't have a down cape and I don't plan on buying one anytime soon. Perhaps I'll look more into fixing the sleeves of a wide coat to the side pockets to make the wearer look like he's got his hands in the pockets, while in reality, they are somewhere else, securely tied away.

Actually, I do have the right coat and I aeady managed to put it on while I was wearing the bolero armbinder. But getting it off only works with the zipper partially open, and it would require a carefully draped scarf around the neck, to hide the collar of the bolero - and for warmth.

Hmmm, actually an idea to follow. The arms should be stuffed in order to look real, perhaps I should fix the zipper in a good place with a few stitches and I will practise wrapping a scarf that lies on a table or so - grab it with my mouth probably, the rotate, check in a mirror.

There is one special difficulty during frosty winters: Falling is no fun without arms! But the rest of the idea sounds pretty cool.

PS: I should have read what I wrote before, that is another alternative for cold weather. But the idea of stuffed arms is pretty old and a coat actually allows me to wear the bolero instead of hand cuffs - more secure and at the same time more comfortable.
I have started experimenting with the coat and stuffed sleeves. At first, I used safety pins to pin the sleeve ends into the pockets. That part is solved. Now for the realistic stuffing:

First try: Two long woolen scarves folded a few times. The side with the long scarf looked okay, the other side looked empty. So I added another smaller scarf on that side but it didn't quite work either. Furthermore, it looked like I had rubber arms, no elbow, just a continuously round arm.

Second try: I folded the scarves to forearm length and put them into the sleeves while still wondering what to use for the rest of the arm. It actually looked quite okay and I put the coat on to have a look in the mirror. It isn't bad, you can't tell if there is nothing or thin arms inside the sleeves. A bit more wouldn't hurt though. But I noticed something else which isn't good: The sleeves bend where they enter the pockets. I think I should stiffen them a bit there.

Third try: I happened to see a plastic bottle (1.5l) in my room and I decided to use that for upper arm. I only have one and so I looked for small bottles for the forearms. Instead, I returned with two bicycle bottles. This isn't bad at all! Except, the elbows stick out to the sides not. I have to pin them to the coat as well. Now I do understand the idea of coloured safety pins.

In order to conclude tonights experiments, I removed all pins and stuffing and put on the coat normally. It turned out that the elbows are much higher than expected, but they should really be at the coat and not stick out. I have the impression, that four 1.5l plastic bottles should do the trick. And they can be joined at the caps to mimick a real elbow and perhaps the upper ones flattened on the bottom end, like a doll's arm, to make a smooth transition to the real shoulders. Looks like I am going to drink some lipton ice tea over the next few days, it is my favorite drink in soft plastic bottles 😊 (coke bottles are too stiff).

There is only one thing that bothers me a bit: The outer part of the coat is some sort of polyester and the holes from pinning won't ever disappear. But I see no other solution than safety pins. I am glad that I won't ever be tempted to try that with my new metropolis coat, it is too slim to keep the arms inside.

PS: During the experiments, I literally turned into a static Monsieur 2000 Volts 😁 (

So silly, it is winter, but temperatures have risen, it is raining here. I will take a walk in my cape, but I can't find my handcuffs. I haven't solved the problem of hiding the collar of the bolero armbinder either, so I will try simple rope bondage with wet rope. As you might know, knots on wet rope are really tight and stay tight even when the rope has dried. It is a small sacrifice, but it should pay off. Well, if I really do the bondage part, I will report.
No real news so far. I noticed that the large cape is slightly see-through, so I definitely have to wear two capes if anything underneath needs hiding. At the moment, there is no rain, so I have some more time to think. But I found my handcuffs again.
(04 Dec 2010, 21:35 )Strappado Wrote: PS: During the experiments, I literally turned into a static Monsieur 2000 Volts 😁 (


Are you sure this is the correct video?
Funny, I noticed how the weather affects the proper mood. If it's cold, but no snow - no naughty thoughts at all. Add snow and the situation positively changes - I begin to think about using snow for the ice-timer (especially during business trips).

The warmer it gets, the more often I wear pantyhose (up to 24x7) and swimsuits. And when it's close to +30 ... swimming (or walking when it's heavily raining) encased in latex or lycra sounds more than very desirable 😉

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