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House of self-bondage
House of self-bondage
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I want to lose some weight, 
and thought I'd do this BDSM style. 
did some searching and found THE WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE on the gerdare site, but lacks certain bdsm/fetish. 

example would be sports in a PVC sweat suit outside walking  or cycling in a wet suit (but with budplug) anyone have any ideas?

fist setup ( look at my site for more) :

With a special challenge for latex slave boy
By the age of 50 my body is getting out of shape, and my weight is now 91 kg, where target weight is 82 , so we have to do something about that. From July 24, 2023, I must work to avoid punishment and earn reward by earning points:

Earn points by:
* 3 points = 30 minutes of walking or more in 1 day
* 5 points = a running session of at least 30 minutes
* 10 points = Cycling with wetsuit, plug, collar
* 10 points = Walking in sauna suit with collar, plug and prick boxer
* xx points =

I may be able to accumulate up to 40 points per week, making sure I have some rest days and don't get burnt out the first week.
Every Sunday is a weigh-in moment, then proof naked on scale with chaste and collar.

From July 24, 2023 I have 12 weeks (and some extra days). Which means he can get a maximum of 480 points. Now let's set some goals to work towards:
But what if he doesn't reach the 430-point goal? Then xxxx punishment

I've created a public google spreadsheet that anyone can access here (CLICK). He will update it daily. You can also write comments in the sheet! Feel free to.

Also, I will post an update from time to time, but certainly not daily. Use the spreadsheet if you want to track his progress!

1. How many steps did you walk today? (1 point deducted for every 500 steps you don't walk below 5,000 steps.)
2. Did you drink at least 8 glasses of water today (must be just water, no artificial additives)? (1 point deducted for every glass you don't drink among the 8 glasses of water.)

3. How long did you exercise today? (1 point deducted for every 5 minutes you exercise for less than 45 minutes.)

4. Did you sleep at least 7 hours last night? (1 point deducted for every 30 minutes you slept for no less than 7 hours.)

5. Did you stay within the limits of your meal plan today? (1 point deducted if you didn't stay within your meal plan limits today, unless it's a cheat day.)

6. If it's Sunday, how much weight have you lost this week? (1 point deducted for every ½ pound (or ¼ kilogram) below your goal weight for the week which is 1 kg.)

7. If it's Sunday, have you taken a selfie picture of yourself today? (5 points deducted if you didn't take your selfie on Sunday.)

Punish weeks
• no 20 points = 90 minutes with king plug in
• no 30 points = 90 minutes with penalty plug in
• no 40 points = 1 day out of gear

• more than 45 points =
• more than 50 points =
• more than 55 points =
• more than 60 points =

You can follow his progress HERE!
(21 Jul 2023, 17:00 )Like Ra Wrote: Related:

???  what does the article say about my question ?
(22 Jul 2023, 07:48 )slaafruben Wrote:  what does the article say about my question ?
It's a thread related to "weight loss" 😊

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