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Magnetic lock for self-bondage

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Stuck waiting for a delivery
I ordered some stuff so as the delivery day would be Friday, ie: today as I can be at home as a rule on a Friday.

So, I get the notification that the order is on its way, but no sign as yet and no idea of any possible time slot for delivery!

So far it has been a wasted day as if I had a time slot text I would know that I could have gone out to shop for the weekend's fresh veg if it was this afternoon delivery, or I could have left the house to work in the garden or greenhouse, but cannot as I cannot hear the doorbell from there.

I'm itching to get bound and gagged for a session, everything is ready, the spreader bar, cuffs, chains, padlocks, gag, blindfold, hood, buttplug, magic wand and timer, camera and laptop with movement sensor for timing, all unable to be used in case the delivery turns up whilst I am a little tied up!

What's the betting it is going to be delayed until Monday!?
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I always plan for late diliveries .
This story sounds so familiar  😁 

I've spent days waiting for a delivery when I had the house to myself - for it to arrive on the first day everyone was back with me!

Or the delivery has arrived earlier than expected, when the house was full!

Be glad that your delayed delivery wasn't the keys to release you....

…. it wasn't keys, was it?

😁 😁 😁 

did it arrive then??
No, it's not keys, and no it hasn't arrived!

Emailed the supplier to ask if they know what is happening and although they emailed me on Thursday to say it had been despatched and would be with me Friday, it now transpires that they had to do more tests on the system to "ensure it is 100%" for me, it was received by DHL at 16.40 Friday!

Now due for delivery Monday, expected to leave the warehouse about 11am, so I should be around when it is due Monday PM!

Still, did mean that I could eventually spend some time chained, cuffed, gagged, hooded, plugged and with the magic wand running.

My site: My site for my stories, photos and more. 😊
DHL can be rather horrible at times.
Often they do not give a time of day. Like the time they only said
Before 20:30. Then at 20:45 I get a mail: Sorry we won't make it. It will be tomorrow. Then, still same day, at 21:30, there they are with the package.
Sometimes they give a timeslot, like 16:55-20:55 and then they showed up at 16:30.
DHL are usually pretty good in my area, but they can't deliver the goods if they are not sent them when promised. Here's hoping for a successful delivery on Monday pm.
My site: My site for my stories, photos and more. 😊

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