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Stocks with electromagnet release
Hi folks,

Well, I've been busy on the workshop again and have put the electromagnet I used for this set up to work again, this time as a release mechanism for some good old fashioned wooden stocks. It's pretty obvious how I made these from the pictures, but basically they're stocks hinged at one end and with a lock at the other. For the foot end I just used an adjustable hasp as the lock, but on the head/arm end I used the electromagnetic door lock again with an electronic timer (plus a back up in line... just in case 😎 ). With the stocks screwed down to the floor through the carpet it works pretty well. Kept me stuck there for a good 20mins until the timer release.

Of course, I dressed for the occasion in latex body (Libidex), latex hood, black fishnet hold ups, and stiletto knee boots. The outfit was finished off with a gag harness of my own making (and of which I'm quite proud... it has inter-changeable gags: a ball, a big deep-throat gag (seen here and purchased at local pet store... ) and a bit gag ..also from local pet supply store! shops are never going to be the same again! 😋. Oh, and a posture collar. Perfect.

Play safe!

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That looks great and must be fun. Nice work.
(28 Feb 2013, 15:21 )steve6322 Wrote: a gag harness of my own making (and of which I'm quite proud... it has inter-changeable gags: a ball, a big deep-throat gag
If you do not mind, could please post a short tutorial here? I bet many will greatly appreciate that!
The tutorial has been moved to DIY harness (ball-)gag. Tutorial

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