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Small fears
I've been into self bondage for a long time, specifically sleeping in bondage. But due to small fears, I only ever really sleep with my legs tied up. I've been tempted to wear gags, but I don't know how the human body sleeps, will I swallow the saliva in my sleep, or drown in it? That small thing that I don't know is what stops me from a lot of my dream scenarios. As well as numbness in my arms from having them behind my back for too long, I don't know hat happens when you go numb for too long. 

Anyone care to reassure me?
Watch them squirm~ 
Far from it.they're some very sensible fears I think.
As far as I know no-one here is medically qualified to answer your questions but I would love to be proved wrong.
Years ago, I slept in a standard jumpsuit. Not a fetish type like spandex, but just a standard run of the mill type.
The next morning, both of my arms were so numb, I had to move and shake about before I could use them.
I was told that I should not sleep on my side because sleeping on your side with your arms pintch, will make them go numb.

But I think it was the jumpsuit getting twisted caused the numbness.

But that's me.
You never know, unless you try. Despite we are all similar, we are all different. We have different abilities and disabilities. As I said, "sleeping test" is the best test. For example, you can try how your body reacts to gags, by wearing a gag over night with your arms unbound. You can test how your arms will react to binds, but using a simple rope loop, that can be easily undone, etc.
Alright.. I'll do some trial and error. Thank you all.
Watch them squirm~ 
Error could be quite bad, so be careful! People have choked on their own puke, so why not on saliva? And numbness comes in two flavors. Low blood-supply isn't dangerous, but squeezed nerves or a complete stop of the blood flow can be fatal. Hard to tell the reasons for your trouble with arms behind the back.

I have a very simple rule: When I feel uncomfortable about something, I don't do it.

And I agree with Likera: Try one thing at a time and do it in a way that you can get free quickly.

My personal recommendation: Don't use anyhting around your neck or anything that can make breathing difficult.
Well, I might be a little desperate, but I'm not dumb, I'm a safety first kind of person~
I'm going to try things nice and slow and hopefully all goes well and I can sleep in what I wish.
Watch them squirm~