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Single handed mouse and other computer specials
I like online games and I like self bondage. Apart from chat, which requires typing, only very few commands and mouse control are needed in these online games, and I wonder, if there are devices, that allow me to combine both, i.e. play online games during self-bondage.

While writing this, I got one idea already: These small trackballs that can be used on laptops instead of the touchpad. This would apparently replace a mouse and could be operated with one hand.

This leaves me with the movement keys, forward, back, turn left, turn right, strafe left, strafe right and jump - seven keys - plus a few more as I just noticed.

Perhaps a game controller pad would work, but it would be even better to have a split one, in case both hands have to stay apart from each other.

Ok, tomorrow, I am going to buy one of these trackballs, which will allow me to play simple games such as solitair or mine sweeper - and control movie playing on my computer. I will also buy some straws, because I might get thirsty.

If anyone has ideas, please post them here.
Look at that:

Gamepad with analog sticks can replace trackball. First of all, you can use two gamepads, or gamepad (with or without mapped keys) plus trackball. One device for a one hand. That is, if you want it simple. If not...
Multitouch capable touchpads on notebooks support control with any body part. So, you can put on ring-gag and try to beat minesweeper record =) Certainly, it can be done with a nose, but is's not that interesting. And, of course, there's multitouch capable tablet computers - listing erotic picture gallery with a tongue is fun =) There's one negative side in this, though - you will look at screen at short distance, or bad angle, or both. Either way, it's eye-strenous.. May be videoglasses could improve that, but this certainly is overengineering for this time.
Another one for you:
(06 Oct 2011, 19:24 )Like Ra Wrote: Look at that:


When I saw that picture, I got the idea instantly, but I still need a suitable device. About to go to a shop and have a look.
I could not find a trackball, but I got an xbox controller and a program called xpadder. I took the xbox controller because I found some info on the internet saying, that is was one of the easiest to use for mimicking keyboard and mouse input, and it is reasonable quality for a reasonable price.

xpadder catches all signals from the controller and changes them into keyboard or mouse commands, according to a list that you have to create first. the controller has two tiny joysticks with triggers, a button that registers left, right, up and down pushing as well as another 6 buttons. I have turned the right joystick into the mouse, left and right triggers for left and right mouse button. With this alone, I can play most mouse-only games. The other buttons are needed for various game-specific controls, and the round button seems perfect for the typical wasd movement control. Oh, I just found two more buttons Big Grin

Ok, not the perfect solution, especially mouse operation is difficult, but it works. The best would be data-gloves, but the ones I found, were pretty expensive. A wireless device might be good too.
Maybe finger mouse will be better, than stick from gamepad?
The best would be one finger mouse or a small trackball for one hand, and half a gamepad for the other hand. The mouse emulation via gamepad is pretty bad indeed, about as effective as the number block mouse from windows. But perhaps I can improve that in the settings.

I have tested the gamepad a bit, but it was frustrating and so I stopped the test as well as the session after five minutes only. Without improvement, this will only be good to operate movie and music players.

And there is another problem: The driver apparently interferes with sound decoding, all music is horribly distorted. Perhaps there is another driver online...

I think, the finger mouse is an improvement to the tiny joystick on the gamepad, but it obviously needs a surface to be used on, a trackball doesn't.
When editing my post in "bondage or self-bondage dreams", I remembered this subject. I think, the device should be wireless after all.

Perfect setting:
Hand held trackball with two (or more) mouse buttons
Controller to trigger the arrow keys

Is that available for a reasonable price? And where?