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Shopping for useful stuff
I haven't found a thread about this subject here and I think it could be interesting to collect a few links to remarkable internet shops, possibly with some information about what is good there. I suggest, that these shops should offer things that are beyond the average internet sex shops. Also, addresses of useful services could be interesting (I am still thinking about a modified version of the bolero armbinder for example, perhaps one made out of oil-cloth or latex and I am not going to ask the next door taylor).

So here are my first suggestions, I know these shops, bought from them and was satisfied so far:

good prices, they sell general fetish wear, bondage stuff and the infamous bolero armbinder.

Specialised on unique pvc clothes, they also sell some restraints and other bondage accessories. Prices are okay, and as I just noticed while checking the URL, they might be the right address for the bolero modifications.

I used to have an address of some people who made heavy capes for cape fetishists. Unfortunately, I cannot locate them anymore.
I bought (buy) from, Demask, SimonO and from eBay.
This website has some interesting things Smile Just thought I would share
Looks interesting, and really not expensive. How is the quality?
(30 Dec 2014, 13:33 )B1u3 Wrote: Looks interesting, and really not expensive. How is the quality?

I haven't bought anything from there, but I will do so @ some point... I am re building my collection, as I threw all my stuff out a year or so ago Confused Silly person that I am.

But at the prices, they are worth trying.
So we await pics and reviews Big Grin
Indeed Wink
Stumbled across this site - very expensive fetish fashion gear - the web address sounded dodgy but its harmless enough

I did like this bodysuit

tumblr_nxxi7kmPGr1ti6greo1_540.jpg     but so expensive I think I will stick to my Chinese suppliers!

They have interesting designs indeed, but at #$%^&*^&% prices ....
I'm always after unique stuff - I found this family of sites several years back (unfortunately, as a result of Mad_Scientist and his horrible vac bed/self-bondage accident).  While prices are insane, I've found them good to get ideas and then search for similar items once you know what to search for. and

I've been eyeing this one item for awhile now.  This boxtie/armbinder is something I first saw in a video that had been custom made.  They have one that is very similar.. though the one I really want is the same style only slips over the arms in back with no laces/tie up.

Product Link 

(not in this store, but much more reasonable in cost and more of the style I was looking for minus the belt across the chest - just found it the other day and may pull the trigger)

Product Link

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