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Ice self-bondage lock. From 1 hour to 4 hours
Ice self-bondage lock. From 1 hour to 4 hours
from €44.60

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Session 1 with the Water Lock
This came about because I wanted to combine another activity of mine along with my self bondage, being wet while clothed. As such I wanted to try a bondage session in the shower and use the shower itself to provide the release mechanism. The mechanism that I devised was a water lock, that I described in the techniques section of this site.

thick cord
water lock

The chair was a standard metal frame chair which I removed the seat from and replaced it with a toilet seat, I needed a hole. Two pulleys were attached to the back of the chair, just to the right of center. The chair was then placed in the center of the shower.

the water lock was placed such that the lock bucket was located below the hole in the toilet seat.

Initial testing:
I believe in always testing out various portions of my sessions to make sure that everything will work as expected. These tests were performed:

1. 5 lbs of weight on the lock, shower turned on and timed to see how long it took to trip the water lock. Timed out to about 11 minutes.

2. While sitting on the chair, clothed, and the shower running, how long to trip the lock with 5 lbs of weight. Time out to about 18 minutes.

3. Each limb was chained to the parts of the chair individually to be sure I could unlock all of them using my right hand.

4. right hand restraint, this is the one that will be on the lock, checked to make sure it worked correctly. This line went from the lock ring on the water lock up through one of the pulleys on the back of the chair, through a pulley attached to the chain around my wrist, back to the other pulley on the chair and then to a weight that I had sitting on a table next to the chair. In order to have maximum movement during the binding stage, the line initially did not connect to the weight but ended in a carbiner that could be attached to a ring on the weight. Once all the other bindings were done then I could attach the caribiner to the weight and then pull the weight off the table which would fall to the floor tightening the line. The pully arrangement would keep my arm around the back of the chair and pulled slightly upwards, thereby limiting any leverage to obtain much slack in the line, and would easily prevent me from reaching the keys for all the locks that were around my neck.

Safety precautions:
All locks were daisy chained to help prevent lock or key failure.

In worst case scenario my spouse could have released me upon coming home from work and finding me. Highly undesirable!

Actual session:
After having run my various tests, the following weekend I had the actual session. I placed the chair and water lock into the shower. I placed a 10 lb weight on the lock arm. I set up the release line so that all I would need to do was lock the pulley onto the chain around my wrist. Lastly I put on one of my evening dresses and sat down.

I chained each of my legs to the legs of the chair and then chained my left arm to the left side of the chair. I then turned on the shower, which I had preset to be warm water. I did not want it too hot, nor did I want the hot water to run out too soon. I wanted to have to deal with cold water, but for not too long. With a bit of effort I got the lock positioned for the release line and by pressing against my body was able to close the lock. I then took the end of the release line and clipped it to the sandbag I had next to the chair and pulled it off the table. My right arm was pulled backwards and up slightly with an inch or two of slack, this was good, since there was no real tension on the lock ring on the water lock I knew it would release properly in time. Although I could lift the weight by moving my arm, it was quite strenuous and I never would have been able to use that hand to get to the keys.

At his point all I could do was wait. Over time the water changed from warm to room temperature to cool to downright cold. About 52 minutes into the session the water lock tripped, giving me about 2 feet of slack on my right hand, enough to reach the key ring hanging around my neck. there were about 20 keys on the ring and only 1 would unlock the release line from my wrist to gain full use of my right arm. To try the keys I had to select one, hold it in my mouth, move my arm in such a way that I could get the key into the lock, and then by movements of my head and wrist turn the key. I found the right key after 6 tries. This removed the pulley attached to my wrist and gave me fully motion on my right arm. I reached over to turn off the shower and then freed my other limbs.

All in all I enjoyed the session and would do this one again, possibly making a few changes to make it more interesting.

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