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Selfbondage frogtie (video)
I finally had time to do another recorded session (actually 2, so another video is about to follow!). Another frog tie, it has become my favourite 😎

I use the release system described here: Selfbondage session - rope ratchet and knot release

and the rope ratchet described here: Quick test with new rope ratchet

There is room for improvement, as always. I like the rope ratchet better than the system with a belt but it is less compact. In this case I could not reach the release but it was close. Next time I'll need to switch back so it will end up safely out of reach or,more likely, I'll add a rope around my upper arms to limit where my hands can go.

As you can see it was not difficult to get to the release so I'll need to figure something out that makes me try harder to escape the ropes. Now I can get to the release whenever I feel like it. Something timed, or in another room.

Anyway, see the video here:

My other vids are linked here on the forum or in my myvideo account (where I get low ratings because I'm a man, discrimination!).

I seem to have less and less occasions where I can have a self bondage session, this also means I try to make the most of them, including videotaping them but that makes the preparation and cleaning up take even more time. Videotaping however means I get to enjoy it afterwards to bridge the gap between sessions. If I'm videotaping I might as well share so I need to reorganise the room and stuff to make it look acceptable. That also takes time. Then I think "one extra camera then, since I'm busy already", it does not take a lot of time but it adds up. These took me one day start to finish, excluding editing the video, and it's not even half an hour in bondage.

For this video I have set up 6 cameras: one old dv cam, one cheap digital photo camera that can record some video and 4 laptops with webcams. I think you can all see from the crap quality that I do not own any expensive or state of the art video equipment. One is to bright, one is to dark and one even failed to record anything. The only reason it turns out as it does is because I added lots of extra lights, it almost hurt my eyes just being in the room. The easiest one to work with was a cheap Nikon Coolpix photo camera on a cheap little tripod. It was the fastest to install and it had the best video quality (even better than the dv cam, go figure). Now how to explain to my girlfriend I need another five of them...

@Ra: sorry about the full text links but insert hyperlink button is not working and I don't remember the bb-code.
(16 Dec 2012, 19:17 )Anne Wrote: insert hyperlink button is not working
For some reason it stopped working in Firefox several months ago. No idea why. Still works in Explorer. Anyway, tweaked the links.
(16 Dec 2012, 20:57 )Like Ra Wrote:
(16 Dec 2012, 19:17 )Anne Wrote: insert hyperlink button is not working
For some reason it stopped working in Firefox several months ago. No idea why. Still works in Explorer. Anyway, tweaked the links.
Fixed! 😉

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