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Ice self-bondage lock. From 1 hour to 4 hours
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Selfbondage and suspension
Last weekend I was testing some new things and one of them resulted in this self suspension. I wanted to post a full story with pictures but I don't have the time so I'll post this small teaser for the moment.

The technique for this works absolutely brilliant and I'm rather proud at my release mechanism. I'll post the details later.


[Image: attachment.php?aid=1462]
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Looks great! Waiting for the details!

Please share your story, experience and technique - as you might know the forum has been trying to solve how to do a safe, sucessful, Suspended, Self-Bondage scenario (SSSSBS - what a mouthful! 😁 ) for some time and if you've found a way, we would love to hear more.

great photo!

Ok, I drew a schema of the setup. No release mechanism yet, that's again for a later post.


A: fixed anchor point somewhere above your head ( when standing up )
B, C: metal rings
D: some rope to tie the buckle from E to B
E: ratchet, like this one:
F: strip from the ratchet
G: rope
H: rope noose from G to cinch wrist coil
I,J,K: carabiners, like for climbing, easy to clip onto metal rings
R: pull this to be released ( attaced to release mechanism )

Then there are 3 more rings marked chest, thighs and feet. Those need to be attached to the chest harness and the binds around the thighs and feet. The thigh ring is tied to the chest ring to prevent the binds around the thighs to drop down and ruin the fun.

How to get into trouble:

1. Tie yourself a nice chest harness, use lots of loops above and below your breasts as they will need to support most of your weight. Make sure every loop goes trough the chest ring to prevent one loop from tightening and possibly suffocating you due too excessive pressure on the chest. Use also lots of rope going over your shoulders, they will have to endure a lot of tension from it. I did not do this and after a week my musculus trapezius still hurts because I tore some muscle fibers. I did not test my harness properly so that's what I got, I will not make this mistake again.


2. Make the setup like in the drawing. I put this on 2 because you can feel while you are busy if you did a good job on the harness.

3. Tie your thighs, make sure to add the ring. Again use lots of rope if you want some comfort ( you do, trust me ).

4. Tie your feet together, again add a ring on the back.


5. Tie yourself a wrist coil, don't make it to tight. If you turn your arms to twist it into an 8 shape around your wrists it should be inescapable but not tight.

6. Clip the feet and thighs carabiners to the corresponding rings, stand up and clip the chest carabiner to the chest ( or back actually ) ring.

7. Pull some from G trough I to create H.

8. put first hand trough the wrist coil, the wrist coil trough H en put the other hand in.

9. Now you are all set. Start pulling all the slack out using F. This is the point of no return. When the slack is gone your hands will be stuck behind your back and when you've done it right this position is aeady inescapable.


Of course you don't need this setup just to do that. Pull F some more, stand on your toes and pull it again ( or wear high heels, same effect, much more sexy 😎 ). It needs to get to the point where you almost fall over. Stay standed for a while, wiggle a bit and then pull F again, you might get an extra cm or two from it.

Now for the mechanics: If you lower your body now ( sissy squat, great name in this case, google it 😉 ), K will be pulled to J as the distance between I and C increases. There will be a point where you will no longer be able to stand and you start tipping over. You are very aware of the restrictions of the ropes as you try to correct but your feet are literally pulled from under you by the rope G trough K. This is the best moment, I have my last try on video and you can see the terror in my eyes but that very instant feels absofuckinglutely amazing.


If you pulled out every last bit of slack with F you will take a swing and feel the joy of being suspended while tied. Wearing high heels helps because they give you a bit of extra room, otherwise stand on your toes and go as high as you can. With new ropes it is possible they will stretch a bit during the suspension, last time I was 15 cm above the ground on the first swing but at the end I could touch the floor with my knees.


This is not perfect, I still have some modifications I want to try. I've been using this technique for years now and I got this far with trial and error, it is aeady very good and that is why I decided to share.

As I said before, I hurt myself badly this weekend doing this because my harness was not good enough. I was suspended for 10 minutes but it was agony, I got very close to call out for help. I have some variations in mind to lessen the pressure on the shoulders and to move some of the weight away from the chest to allow for deeper breathing. A full body harness is better, I did it like that in the past and will do so from now on. Try to hang from the harness before using this tech

My release mechanism will be explained later when I had the time to draw pictures and write a post about it.

If anything is not clear, please ask, play safe, don't get hurt and enjoy 😁
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Hi Anne, I've edited your post and left only the thumbnails (they are clickable, of course). Otherwise it was difficult to read.

Thanks much!
OK, I can see how this works. Not like the one I saw, But I have seen something like this before.

I think I still have pictures somewhere. A japanese girl in a school uniform demostrated something like what you showed, But the wrists were done last.

I would like to see your release device.

Cute outfit.
did you say you have a video ?

I would love to see it.
(26 Jul 2012, 23:21 )Tinker D Wrote: did you say you have a video ?

I would love to see it.

Thanks for showing interest, I'm a bit busy now but I will try to get a video up eventually.
Like a video I made? Take a look at my other videos here:

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